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EDEK is close to “yes” for the budget

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EDEK is close to

Without finally having to change the legal framework for the divestitures, the government and EDEK seem to be finding the right of borrowers to go to court. If this feeling is confirmed, it will result in the required majority in Parliament, for the approval of the revised text of the state budget for 2021 on Thursday and to put an end to the pending issue.

During yesterday's meeting of the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis with the president of EDEK Marino Sizopoulos, in which the president of DISY Averof Neophytou also participated, it seems that a formula was found that satisfies both parties. On the one hand, the law on sales will not change, which is a red line for the government, as this would cause, according to the Minister of Finance, stability problems in the economy and the banking sector, and on the other hand, it seems to EDEK is also satisfied, since, according to information, President Anastasiadis assured Mr. Sizopoulos that a Special Court will be created, as requested by EDEK, which will deal with financial issues. He noted, however, that until the special court is set up and functioning, judges in district courts will consider such matters.

As “F” is informed, the creation of special jurisdiction for the adjudication of financial disputes, within the district courts, is expected to be promoted, through the Parliament, as a transitional stage. The special jurisdiction will be created through the bill that is pending in the parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs, which is being shaken quickly and will be discussed extraordinarily next Friday, so that next week it will be led to the Plenary Session of the Parliament. A relevant statement was made yesterday by the chairman of the Legal Committee, Georgios Georgiou.

Specifically, through the special jurisdiction will be adjudicated disputes arising from credit facilities between borrower and creditor, regarding the amount of the credit facility which is delayed or exceeded and which has been terminated. Also, cases of sale of a mortgage property that is a guarantee of credit facility will be examined, ie issues of sales, as well as cases of securities acquired in the period 2008-2013.

According to the bill, the president of the district court will appoint the judges of the special jurisdiction. The judges will have the power to adjudicate such cases and decide on lawsuits or any application or appeal against the decision of the Director of the Land Registry, regardless of the amount of the dispute in question and the value of the real estate. Cases will be completed within sixty days of their registration.

It is worth noting that in 2019, when the bill was approved by the Ministry, six positions of judges were included in the budget of the judiciary. The specific bill has been pending in the Parliament for two years, as it was decided to be examined after the passing of the bills for the reform of the judiciary. In the meantime, as told in “F”, the Council of Ministers may decide to create additional positions of judges who will hear such cases.

EDEK wants official announcements

After yesterday's assurances of President Anastasiadis, EDEK is closer to saying “yes” to the state budget. This is reflected in the statement of its president, who stated that “after the stance taken by the President of the Republic on the requests submitted by EDEK and they are pending, we believe that the completion of our effort is one step closer”. However, EDEK, in order to take final decisions, is waiting for an official announcement from the government. In essence, it seeks to see how government promises can be translated into action. The political office of EDEK will meet on Wednesday to make its final decision, in relation to the position that the deputies will take on Thursday on the vote on the budget. As we were told, if it is found that the final proposals ensure the borrower's access to justice, EDEK MPs are likely to be in favor, including Elias Myrianthous, who a few days ago had stated that he would vote against the budget if the law was not changed. the sales.

Second thoughts from Solidarity – Thriller until the end

The government and EDEK may be close to a consensus formula, but Solidarity is now making second thoughts, even though on December 17 it had voted in favor of the budget. Solidarity is particularly annoyed by the government's handover to EDEK and does not rule out the possibility of abstaining in Thursday's crucial vote. In a statement, it notes that “the government, let it not make the mistake of taking Solidarity votes for granted, is immediately resorting to blackmail”, adding that “we supported the budget because we know the consequences of not voting, but it seems that the government does not understand it. It is prone to transactions “. At the same time, he points out that it is not fair, nor politically correct, for the government to ignore those who supported the budget and to give an advantage to those who voted against it. Solidarity also states that it also has positions for the sales, asking to have a meeting with President Anastasiadis before Thursday's vote. “Before it's too late,” they warn.

The Ecologists, for their part, accuse the government of choosing the path of the dark background, of handing it over and of secret agreements with certain parties, in order to serve other people's interests and aspirations.

However, in case Solidarity abstains, the situation with the balances in the Parliament becomes complicated again. So if Solidarity abstains and EDEK is in favor, then it is approved by 27 votes (DISY, EDEK, ELAM, Alliance and Cooperation of Democrats), against 26 negative. However, if EDEK opposes the budget, then it is not approved.

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