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“EDEK Salvation Initiative Group”: Unprecedented decisions that offend the history of the party

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“The new challenges of Mr. Sizopoulos and his company in the leadership of EDEK are reaching the limits of irrationality, if they have not exceeded them”, the Initiative Group for Salvation and Reorganization of EDEK states in a statement.

This is the announcement of the Group:

Arbitrarily, substitutively, illegally and illegally convenes a statutory congress within 48 hours (what will change in the statute only he knows), an hour later convenes a Regular Electoral Congress (to declare himself “president”) and three days later “elections” for them other Party officials (of the remaining candidates)! …

These are unprecedented decisions that offend the history and ideology of EDEK and challenge the members and friends of the Party. These are decisions unprecedented for the Cypriots and the political parties in general, through which the goal of bypassing and misleading the Cypriot Justice is very clear.

The knot has reached the scallop. Mr. Sizopoulos and those who continue to follow him on the catastrophic downhill he chose to walk, have already led the party to disrepute and are pushing it towards disaster.

The EDEKites who love and care for the Party are watching with awe the methods and authoritarianism of the “irreplaceable” and will not allow it to continue. The days of ˮo alone ˮ have passed irrevocably. Democratic procedures will either be implemented or imposed by the people of EDEK. EDEK will live, be reborn and will again become a force of hope for Cyprus and our people.

Whether they like it or not, the actual membership register will be revealed and the financial management will be audited.

Source: politis.com.cy

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