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EDEK: The thief shouts to scare the householder

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EDEK: The thief shouts to scare the householder


EDEK returned with a new announcement regarding what the former Minister of Health, George Pamporidis, stated, continuing the controversy that started with a report by Marinos Sizopoulos about Mr. Pamporidis' relationship with a diagnostic center but also with David Nicholson.

Specifically, as stated in the announcement of EDEK, Mr. Pamporidis likes the attacks to avoid taking a position on issues in which he is directly involved during his tenure as minister.

He also notes that his response to the documents we released yesterday not only refutes his public statements that he “does not know the Babymed company”, but also leaves him irreparably exposed. The only thing he had to say after the information that was made public and refuted, is that “the thief and the liar are happy in the first year”. We totally agree. This rhyme fits perfectly with his behavior, as well as the fact that “the thief shouts to frighten the householder”.

At the same time, he points out that according to the articles of association (paragraph 3.4) of the Babymed company drafted by Mr. Pamporidis's office and of which he was the director (but otherwise yesterday he told us that he did not know the company), Babymed's main activity is recorded as follows :

3.4 The purchase, sale, acquisition, rental, subletting, possession and operation in any capacity of hospitals, diagnostic centers, hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes, hostels, parking lots and other premises and buildings related to the above as well as the provision of related services with these.

All this, continues the announcement of EDEK, if placed in a logical order the puzzle is completed:

1. Mr. Pamporidis made sure in the legislation of GESS, the deficits of the public Hospitals, to be covered during the first five years of autonomy (June 2019-June 2024), without first consulting with the EU. to provide an exemption in case aid beyond five years is necessary. After June 2024 the state will not be able to cover the deficits because it will be considered state aid and is prohibited.

2. He did not take care to reorganize the Public Hospitals and to make them financially self-sufficient before the start of the implementation of the GESS so that the coverage of deficits by the Government is not required.

3. The deficits when they will not be able to be covered will necessarily lead either to the closure of the Public Hospitals (case of Cyprus Airways), or to rent or sale (case of Cooperation).

4. Mr. Nicholson, due to his previous experience and his relationships, would be an ideal liaison for the management of Public Hospitals by British funds, either directly or through Babymed. This of course for some would be unpaid.

From this process, what would be the benefits of Mr. Pamporidis, everyone can understand them, he concludes.

Source: www.philenews.com

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