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EDEK: To apologize to the people those who have degraded the Cyprus issue

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For the degradation of the Cyprus problem by political forces and politicians was reported in his statements the Communication Advisor of the President of EDEK, George Georgiou.

This is the statement:

Recently, on the occasion In the Ukrainian crisis, we hear political forces and politicians, who support the solution of a bi-zonal bi-communal federation, the degradation of the Cyprus issue into a bi-communal issue and a matter of building trust, talking about the Cyprus issue as an issue of invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing. p>

This is the firm position of EDEK, which it expresses without exceptions since 1974 and for this position, EDEK has been accused by them that it does not want a solution to the Cyprus problem.

However, we have heard them apologize to the people for degrading the Cyprus issue in terms of invasion and occupation in terms of a bi-communal settlement.

We have not heard them submit proposals on how to return the Cyprus issue to the right its basis, as a matter of invasion and occupation, when they continue to promote the policy of two measures and two stations.

Source: www.philenews.com

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