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Education reform and school staffing were discussed by the Minister of Education and EIF

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Educational reform and school staffing were the issues discussed by the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN), Prodromos Prodromou, and the President of the Education Service Committee (EEY), Panagiotis Antoniou, during their meeting at noon on Wednesday, at the Ministry of Education.

Initially, the Minister of Education stated that a number of issues related to staffing and the proper functioning of schools were discussed, pointing out that the Education Service Commission “is perhaps the closest partner of the Ministry of Education”.

“In recent years, our schools have been almost 100% staffed since the summer months and we owe this to the good negotiations and to the Commission itself”, which “contributes particularly to the timely and smooth start of classes”, said Mr. Prodromou . He also expressed the certainty that the cooperation with the new composition of the Commission will continue in the coming years, “to get the best results for the operation of the schools and for the meritorious treatment of our teachers”.

The MFA explained that “we are concerned with a number of issues related to the educational reform, since from 2027 the selection of teachers will only be done through a merit-based process with competitions and we are examining the issues arising for the management of the transition period” . He added that there are issues concerning the staffing of schools and some special programs developed by the Ministry of Education. 

For his part, Panagiotis Antoniou, President of the Education Service Committee (EEY)  made a speech for “good cooperation” with the Minister of Education and the services of the Ministry in the six years we have gone through. He also pointed out that “the education system is a living organism, it needs continuous and uninterrupted renewal. This will result from the cooperation of all the bodies involved, but the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education are two of the main bodies”. 

“Our obligation is to discuss, to exchange opinions, to find the better perspective and this to pursue for the good of education”, said Mr. Antoniou, adding that “there are too many things that need to be renewed – not to mention changed”. “Therefore, there is a lot of work to be done and I hope that we will come up with useful and beneficial results,” he concluded.  

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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