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Ef. Taxation: Until October 28, 96% submitted their Income Declaration definitively

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“So far, the process of submitting individual income declarations through the Taxisnet System is progressing smoothly without problems”, pointed out Mr. Sotiris Markidis

Εφ. ΦορολογΙασ: Μέχρι 28 ΟκτωβρΙου το 96% υπέβαλε ορι&sigma ;τικΔorλωση Εισοδorματος

As of Saturday 28 October, 99% of total processing of the Non-Accounted Individual Income Statement for tax year 2022 has been achieved, compared to last year's submission data, while 96% (264,000 taxpayers) of those who have processed the Statement, have proceeded to a definitive submission, through Taxisnet, the Tax Commissioner Sotiris Markidis said, in statements to the KYPE.

“So far, the process of submitting individual income declarations through the Taxisnet System is progressing smoothly without any problems,” Mr. Markidis pointed out, who reminded that the deadline for final submission of the Declaration is October 31, 2023 and that the obligation to submit an Individual Income Declaration has Employees, Retired and Self-Employed whose gross total income for the tax year 2022 exceeds €19,500.

Specifically, the Tax Commissioner told KYPE that by Saturday 28/10/2023 approximately 277,000 taxpayers have processed their Declaration, of which, “approximately 264,000 taxpayers have submitted the Final Declaration and approximately 13,000 have processed their Declaration and the are in Temporary Reception”. He reminded that in order for the return to be considered submitted it must be Final Submission.

He noted that last year, for the tax year 2021, by the deadline date approximately 275,500 Individual Income Statements were definitively submitted ΤΦ1/2021 and approximately 4,000 more remained in temporary receipt.

Stating that a €100 fee is imposed for the late submission of the declaration, Mr. Markidis urged “the small percentage who have not submitted their Declaration and have an obligation to submit a Declaration, to do so immediately after the deadline of October 31, 2023 for submission and payment of the tax is approaching”.

The Declaration 2022, according to the Commissioner, “maintains all the automations introduced in recent years for faster and easier filling by taxpayers ».

In particular, he stated that the recovery of data from the General Accounting Office and the Social Insurance Service for Pensioners and Self-Employed is available, while the calculations of Totals, Income Tax, GESY, Emergency Defense Contribution are automatic.

He also said that for the year 2022 a new service has been added and added that “at the last stage of completing the Declaration, after it has been submitted definitively, there is a link (Link) which guides the taxpayer to the immediate payment of any tax debt that has been automatically created with the final submission of the Declaration”.

In addition, Mr. Markidis told KYPE that the tax debt, after the Final Submission of the declaration, is automatically registered in the Tax Portal (https: //taxportal.mof.gov.cy/) and appears in the Debt Statement.

“Next to each debt, there is the possibility of going either to your online bank (internet banking) where the payment is made through the accounts that each taxpayer wishes, or to jcc smart/jcc direct where without the use of additional codes you can by using the credit/debit card to complete the payment,” he added.

The Tax Commissioner explained that “taxpayers already registered with TAXISnet will use the same codes,” while “in in case someone has lost or forgotten the access codes to TAXISnet, the recovery and sending of new codes is done automatically”, through the TAXISnet website ( https://taxisnet.mof.gov.cy  ) by selecting “I forgot my Access Codes” and by entering the Tax Registration Number (TIN) and e-mail address.

Finally, he reminded that for the Tax Portal the same passwords as the taxpayers apply for his access to the TAXISNet System and notes that “all electronic payments take 1-2 business days to appear in the Payment Statement”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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