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egg – enter grow go: Best Performing New EBAN Member 2024

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Important European award for Eurobank's business accelerator

egg – enter grow go: Best Performing New EBAN Member 2024

To eggenter grow go, the business accelerator of Eurobank, received the important award Best Performing New EBAN Member 2024 at a special event organized within the framework of the annual Conference of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN – European Business Angel Network), held in Tallinn, Estonia on May 20-22, 2024.

egg – enter grow go is one of the leading start-up entrepreneurship hubs in Europe, ranking 48th among 220 candidates while, at the same time, it is the largest business accelerator in Greece and the second largest in Southeast Europe. This award at a pan-European level seals the extroverted dynamics of egg, which for 13 years has been designing & implements interventions and undertakes initiatives to develop and strengthen the network of investors who support Greek start-up entrepreneurship, at the same time accelerating the absorption of capital by start-up business groups and expanding Greece's innovation ecosystem.

In addition, in as part of the conference proceedings, egg's start-up company Bitloops had the opportunity to be one of 17 startups from all over Europe that presented their business model and analyzed their investment needs to a set of Business Angels, Venture Capital Funds, entrepreneurs as well as policy makers.

The award was received on behalf of egg and Eurobank by the Director and member of the egg – enter grow go Coordinating Committee, Mrs. Roula Bakhtalia, who stated: “With EBAN we share the same vision, to expand the innovation ecosystem in Europe. At Eurobank and at egg, our goal is to constantly increase our network of partners and offer new channels of financing for start-up entrepreneurship through a series of actions such as our participation in international initiatives as well as the implementation of investment days and meetings such as the egg Investor Day and egg Investor meet-up at the egg Hub.”

The General Manager of EBAN, Mr. Jacopo Losso, said: “Since joining EBAN, egg has shown remarkable commitment and dynamism. The support of the EVAN conference in Thessaloniki in 2023, the hosting of an international start-up investor day in Athens and the active participation of egg executives in multiple events, are an example of their commitment to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. egg's belief in cross-border cooperation, particularly in the Central and Eastern Europe region, further cements its role as a key player in our ecosystem.”

It is noted that egg – enter grow go, for 13 years has supported more than 1,500 young entrepreneurs & researchers. At the same time, 400 business & research groups have been supported by egg, while 200 start-ups have created a legal entity and been hosted in the egg Hub. The financial funds that have attracted a total of 67 start-ups from Greek and foreign investors (VCs, CVCs, Business Angels) amount to €45.8 million, while Eurobank has financed 51 start-ups with €3.3 million. The total investment of Eurobank to date for the operation of egg amounts to more than €12 million. Finally, €48 million is the total income of the alumni start-ups of the business accelerator egg.

EBAN is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor community, bringing together over 100 member organizations in over 50 countries. It was founded in 1999 by a group of pioneering angel networks in Europe, with the cooperation of the European Commission and EURADA, and represents a sector estimated to invest €11.4 billion per year, playing a vital role in the future of Europe, in particular in the financing of SMEs. This year's EBAN Conference brought together more than 500 angel investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts from around the world, who had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in the startup ecosystem.

Bitloops has developed a design-to-code tool that, leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, turns web page or mobile application designs into code in a matter of minutes, significantly speeding up the process of developing and marketing new features and products.

More information about egg – enter grow go, here.

egg – enter grow go: Best Performing New EBAN Member 2024

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