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Eight presentations from “New Wave – The Other Cyprus” for an effective framework “Where did you come from”

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Suggestions for the adoption of an effective framework “Pothen Esches” quoted in a press release issued by the socio-political movement “New Wave – The Other Cyprus”. As mentioned, despite the fact that the proposal of control of “Pothen Esches” for the members of the House of Representatives proposed by the President of the body Mr. Adamos Adamou is moving in the right direction, it is not enough to create a comprehensive and credible framework for ” Where did you come from?

The press release as it is:

The Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Adamos Adamou proposed the idea of controlling “Pothen Esches” for the members of Parliament of Representatives. The proposal is moving in the right direction, but it is not enough to create a comprehensive and credible framework for “Pothen Esches”.

As a few elements of a reliable framework for “Pothen Esches” the New Wave proposes the following:

  1. “Pothen Esches” should cover a wide range of officials including the President of the Republic, members of the Council of Ministers and Undersecretaries, members of the boards of sub-governmental organizations, members of the boards of Municipalities, general directors of ministries and government agencies. leaders and other high-ranking political party representatives represented in Parliament, etc.
  1. The framework should be adopted by the end of March at the latest and should include all incumbents and officials.
  1. The declaration is required to be submitted on the basis of a standardized and complete standard, which needs to be prepared by the Auditor General of the Republic
  1. The independent auditors, who will audit each person included in this framework, must be rotated every year and

to be selected at random through a list of interested parties, which will be submitted by the Association of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (SELK)

  1. “Pothen Esches” needs to control the last five years and include first degree relatives
  1. It is necessary to provide severe penalties for those who report incorrect information
  1. Lists of audited politicians, auditors and findings also need to be made public
  1. The “Pothen Esches” of all public figures must be made public

These are the few things we can do as a democracy to restore citizens' trust in institutions and politics. Only in this way will we avoid corruption in the future and pave the way for the consolidation of both the economy and politics.

Source: politis.com.cy

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