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Eight tips from the Ministry of Agriculture for protection from snakes

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Οκτo συμβουλ ες του Υπ. ΓεωργΙας για προστασΙα α ;πo τα φiδια

Advice to protect the public from poisonous snakes and in particular the viper (Macrovipera lebetina) which can cause serious consequences for humans, if its venom enters the body through a bite, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment gives to the public, ahead of the summer season.

He advises that if one encounters a poisonous snake, one should not panic or try to disturb or kill the snake, but calmly walk away.

In general, the Ministry advises, as during the summer months when someone is out in the open, to wear high shoes and long pants, for protection in case they step on any vipers. He also suggests using a stick or stick to stir up the grasses/bushes so that anything present is moved out of one's way in time. He explains that snakes have the ability to sense ground vibrations at high intensities and flee on their own.

If a person is bitten by a viper, he recommends as he goes to the nearest hospital, with as few movements as possible.

In Cyprus, it is stated in the announcement of the Ministry, we meet eight species of snakes, of which three are poisonous, but only the fina is considered dangerous for humans, adding that the other species of snakes are completely harmless to humans.

< p data-block-key="cnet5">Clarifies that the two species of snakes, the rattlesnake (Malpolon insignitus) and the rattlesnake (Telescopus fallax), possess venom, but it is not strong enough to cause serious damage to the man.

Noting that snakes, like many reptiles, play an important role in maintaining ecological balance in nature, as many of them feed and act as population regulators organisms, which are considered harmful to humans, such as various species of insects and rodents and are an essential part of biodiversity and the ecosystem, the conservation of which is extremely important, urges the public to be informed about the species of snakes that exist in Cyprus and the appropriate ways to react, in case they are detected.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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