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EKYSY calls for an improvement in the way pensions are adjusted

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The Union of Cypriot Pensioners (EKYSY) asks the Government to improve the way pensions are adjusted, to look at the issue of low pensions and to address, as soon as possible, holistically, through a progressive, modernization of the pension system.< /p>

In its announcement, on the occasion, as it states, of the negative indications for increases in the Social Insurance Fund pensions in July through the ATA, EKYSY requests a review of the poverty threshold, “since it has remained at the same amount since 2013, and the granting of compensatory benefits pensioner benefits” so they can face the increased cost of living due to punctuality.

It also requests the continuation of the electricity subsidy, the inclusion of low-pensioners in the vulnerable groups of the population, so that they can have a discount on EAC bills, at least by 20%, to address the cost of purchasing medicines that are not covered through the GESY, to abolish the 12% penalty imposed on pensions, requests which, as he notes, he repeatedly raised with the Government, “unfortunately without a positive response from it”.

Besides , on the occasion of the International Day against Elderly Abuse (June 15), EKYSY states that bearing in mind the problems that are also present in Cyprus in the field of elder abuse, it proposes to the Government to call a meeting of all interested – involved parties, including of pensioners' organizations to deal seriously with this serious humanitarian problem.

“Improving legislation on the operation of old people's homes, as well as taking measures to dealing with punctuality and for serving and ensuring a better quality of life for our elderly, who must be respected and have a dignified living, is imperative,” says EKYSY.

Source: KYPE

Source: reporter.com.cy

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