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EKYSY requests compensatory benefits and price control

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EKYSY requests compensatory benefits and price control

Insider / ΚΥΠΕ

The Union of Cypriot Pensioners requests the granting of compensatory benefits to the pensioners and the taking of measures for price control, due to the accuracy in the prices of the basic goods.

In a statement issued today, EKYSY notes that “the small increases of 1.22% that will be granted to pensions at the end of January 2022 can not offset the large increases observed during this period.” It is added that the claim of EKYSY for compensatory benefits and measures is confirmed by the data presented recently by the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy.

According to the data of the Consumer Service from 165 goods, which are quoted in the announcement, after a survey in 39 supermarkets all over Cyprus, 103 show a price increase compared to December, of which 38 cost from 5% to 22% more .

Of course, if compared to previous months, the increases will definitely be even greater, the announcement concludes.

Source: www.philenews.com

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