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ELAM, DIPA and Environmentalists close ballots – The names that are locked

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ΚλεΙνουν ψηφοδΕλτια ΕΛΑΜ, ΔΗΠΑ και Οικολόγοι- Τα ονόματα που κλ&epsilon ;ιδoνουν

All the parties are slowly closing their ballots for the European elections. At this moment, of the parliamentary parties, DISY, AKEL and EDEK have completed and announced their decisions, while soon the specific chapter for DIKO will formally close with the presentation of the proposal of the party's Secretariat, to the Executive Office that will meet this afternoon presenting his six candidates for the European elections.

The remaining parties are ELAM, DIPA and Environmentalists, which as we are informed, are in their final stage and the announcements are a matter of days.


< strong>>> ELAM: Four of the party's six candidates are already known. The three party members, that is, the press representative of ELAM Geadis Geadis, the Limassol provincial representative of the party Panos Anogyriatis and the former president of the party's youth Linos Hatzigeorgiou.The fourth, who participates as an independent candidate, is the former Financial Commissioner Pavlos Ioannou, who was announced last week, causing quite a sensation. There are still two positions left which are a matter of days as the information and announcements state, with at least one of the two positions being occupied by a woman as the party does not have a female presence so far.

>&gt ; DIPA: The Democratic Party is so far the biggest question mark as the information indicates that it is very likely that even within the week there will be announcements. The president of the party Marios Karoyan himselfhe set the bar very high when he stated in public statements that the target is 7.5%. A fairly high percentage, in fact, with which he claims 5th place and with which, under certain conditions, you can earn him a seat in the European Parliament. This is also the reason why Marios Karoyan spent all his efforts recently to compose a competitive ballot that will bring him votes. Although it is kept as a top secret, the information indicates that the candidacy of the party's MP Alekos Tryfonidis should be taken for granted. The nomination scenario of the vice-president of the party Marinos Cleanthos is also still open.Although at one point it looked like he wouldn't be on the ballot, however, according to new information, he has been struck again and is seriously considering it. Among the names being discussed is that of the Executive Director of Europa Donna Marios Charalambidis >. What is being discussed is that in the context of composition  of a competitive ballot, there must be geographical representation of the province of Famagusta for this and the name enters the tableof the party MP Michalis Giakoumis.

There also remains the issue of women's presence on the party's ballot.

>> Environmentalists: Ecologists put forward for good. They have already signed a cooperation agreement with the Union of Cypriots with the participation on their ballot of the Turkish Cypriot Oz Karahan and with the Movement of the Leader of the MEP Dimitris Papadakis with the participation of Petros Christodoulou exdeputy mayor of Larnaca, on the ballot of the Movement. What remains formally is the ratification of the cooperation agreement by the Cypriot conference of the Movement which will take place next week, probably on March 20 or 22. Based on the party's constitution, 60% of the members are required to approve the cooperation.

However, it is considered that there will not be a problem as it is two collaborations that have a positive effect on the Environmental Movement. But the surprises don't seem to end here. According to authoritative information from the Environmental Movement, the well-known Youtuber and Tiktoker Phidias Panagiotou, who announced that he will be an independent MEP candidate, has approached the Environmentalists to join his ballot, which the Movement sees positively and it is something that will be discussed in the coming days.

From there on, the candidacy of the vice-president of the party Maria Kola, which also due to the quota, must be considered a given it will definitely be on the party's ballot. The names of the deputy president of the party Alkis Papei, the vice president Kyriakos Tsimillis as well as the MP Stavros Papadouris are also heard. There is also interest from other members of the Movement. The goal is to record higher percentages than the previous European and parliamentary elections.

Source: www.philenews.com

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