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ELAM: Why don't the superpatriots go to the army?

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ELAM: Why don't the superpatriots go to the army?

ELAM keeps silent about the information that its leaders carry that they have been released from the obligation to enlist in the National Guard for various reasons. In recent days, the president of Solidarity Eleni Theocharous and EDEK with public statements call on ELAM to answer how and why its executives were released from military service, but there is no response from the subsidiary of Chrysi Avgi in Cyprus. Information from “P” from reliable sources states that the silence of ELAM is not accidental, as both its president and two other members of his leadership have been released from military service for health reasons, despite the fact that their general public image does not advocates the inability to fulfill the duty towards the homeland, which every day is supposedly defended in bold words as unanswered checks.

Bodyguard, but…

The president of ELAM, Christos Christou, has not served in the army for health reasons. ELAM members told “P” that Mr. Christou had problems with his eyes and thus was deemed unfit for military service. However, during the period when his peers were fulfilling their obligations in their homeland as national guards, Mr. Christou was studying in Athens and, according to a statement by the defendant Chrysaugitis Ilias Kasidiaris, ». At the same time, after his “graduation” from the “Great School of the Chrysaugites”, although he had been deemed unfit for military service, he assumed the duties of a personal guard, also the head of the Golden Dawn Nikos Michaloliakos. So the question is obvious. How could he not serve in the Armed Forces but could perform the duties of a bodyguard? This question has not been answered by Mr. Christou despite the fact that lately it has been asked persistently.

Mr. Christou works as a radiologist, is an MP and was a candidate for President of the Republic and obviously he should explain to his voters the reasons why he did not enlist.

ELAM: Why don't the superpatriots go to the army?

Martial arts, but…

George Chatziioannou, municipal councilor of Strovolos, head of ELAM Nicosia, member of the Political Council and candidate for MP in 2016, also has not served in the EF for health reasons. However, health reasons that were rather serious to be deemed unfit for military service did not prevent him from becoming a martial arts teacher, even bearing the lofty title of “Shifu”. Mr. Hatziioannou is a best man with the president of ELAM, Christos Christou, and on his Facebook page he poses with swords and other “self-defense” instruments. Because the issue of his non-enlistment was the subject of discussion on social media, a few days ago his mother had intervened, giving characterizations to those who criticized G. Hatziioannou, saying that her child had health problems until the age of 17 and wondered if should she take care of her child or the army? She concluded by saying that her son is better than those who served.

For Brussels, but…

The third ELAM executive to be discharged from the military is spokesman and MEP candidate Geadis Geadis. When the issue of the reserve arose with the report of yen. auditor and the reference to a parliamentary party spokesman, Mr. Geadis was forced to make a statement which contained half-truths and misleading reports. He said in a statement that he had suffered serious head injuries during his tenure in the 70th Battalion of Engineers (TMX), suggesting that the injury occurred during the performance of his military duties. However, Mr. Geadis was injured in a clash between football fans and was indeed seriously injured, which could lead to his punishment by a Military Court. Meanwhile, Mr. Geadis appears in a photo greeting in the typical Nazi way, next to his brother El. Kasidiaris. G. Geadis himself claimed that this was a photomontage, something he never documented.

ELAM: Why don't the superpatriots go to the army?

“Here we LAUGH”

The president of the Solidarity, Eleni Theocharous, on the occasion of criticisms of ELAM for her presence in the Northern Epirus for the memorial of K. Katsifas, responded on Facebook with a post entitled “Here we laugh”. Ms. Theocharous referred to the ELAM executives as “fugitives” and “lentil lads”. Written by El. Theocharous: “I did not want to get involved in a political confrontation with people who have proved that they lack education and culture. But I have to do it, I hope for the last time, because they have distorted their political discourse. So they write that I took part in the Pan-National mourning in the Northern Epirus for Konstantinos Katsifas for political exploitation.

“Well, guys of lentils – fugitives (I know the reasons) in 1996/97/98 that I did 2 whole military service in the Northern Epirus, did I go again for political exploitation?”

EDEK: Is it true?

Besides, EDEK in its own announcement stated that lately there is information that “sees the light of publicity about the fugitive army of the leaders of ELAM and is very serious, if and if it is accurate. That is why we expect from the leadership of ELAM “, the announcement concluded,” to publicly decide whether they are true or not “. There was no response from ELAM, something that has provoked reactions among its voters, who for days had received assurances that there would be an official position.

ELAM: Why don't the superpatriots go to the army?

The Golden Dawn school

“In Golden Dawn we have a complete military structure with at least 3,000 people ready for everything,” said in an interview in 2013 in “Vima tis Kyriakis” one of the oldest executives of Golden Dawn who has been following its course in recent years and knows all the backstage her choices.

“We have about 50 multi-member phalanxes for street clashes and about as many other six-member strike-commando teams for organized-targeted strikes, under the central guidance of three members of the organization. Percussion teams undertake special attacks against aliens or retaliatory blows to enemies of the organization. Whatever that means. Our education is not only what people know about camps etc. We follow special training even with weapons in areas of Rafina, Parnitha, Fili, Porto Germeno, Mani, central Evia and elsewhere “, says the man, and emphasizes:” Golden Dawn has an organization that refers to it of the Nazis but mainly in the EON founded by Metaxas in 1936. It has phalanxes, tetrarchs, team leaders, etc .. . So if the leader of ELAM in Cyprus was trained in this school, according to Mr. Kasidiaris, he really could not fulfill his term in the National Guard?

ELAM: Why don't the superpatriots go to the army?

They also want to carry weapons

Reliable sources told “P” that the president of ELAM submitted at least twice a request for weapons licenses to the party, citing security issues. Both applications were rejected as there is a special committee in the Police that assesses the risks for each politician and takes action accordingly. Police officers have been assigned to ELAM for the safety of Mr. Christos and their number is considered sufficient by the Police. However, an important question arises. Why did the applications for firearms licenses not specify who they concerned? Given that the leaders of ELAM have not been trained in weapons since they did not serve a term, how safe is it for them (but also for other citizens) to be given weapons?

But they do exercises

It should be noted that despite the fact that the top of the ELAM pyramid has no military experience, it can easily organize exercises in Troodos with military-type training, but at the same time make “raids” on empty camps requiring their staffing. But who will staff them? Obviously those who are formal in their obligations to the homeland and will not have been qualified for military service.

Source: politis.com.cy

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