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Election report for DIPA: Functional and structural weaknesses were observed

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Απολογισμoς &epsilon ;κλογια ΔΗΠΑ: Παρατηρθηκαν λειγικιδικςαδνα μiες

The results of the elections of June 9 were discussed by the collective bodies of the Democratic Party, both in relation to the resulting messages, and in general the operation of the Party. According to a press release of DIPA, an honest, productive and substantial dialogue was held regarding the Faction and the wider political reasons of the election result.

As mentioned, admittedly functional and structural weaknesses, which were identified and recorded, while there were a number of suggestions for improving the operations of the Faction and changing mentality, so that there would be more effective contact with the base of the Faction but also with civil society itself, since the messages they sent out the citizens are concerned with the immediate need to solve problems and not perpetuate them.

At the same time, it is added, the Political Bureau confirmed that the Democratic Party has both perspective and an important role to play in the political events of the country, through hard work , dedication and faith in its principles and capabilities. As mentioned, at the very next session of the Politburo, all the conclusions of the session will be codified and the next movements of the Faction will be discussed.

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