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Electric car registrations increased

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How many are on the roads of Cyprus and which manufacturers had the most registered

Αυηκιεγρφε κτρικoν αυτοκινorτων

In the global effort to transition to sustainable road transport and a zero-emissions environment, electric mobility appears to be the 'future'. Every day more and more people choose to buy an electric vehicle.

It is noteworthy that a large part of the pollutant emissions in Cyprus (about 50%) comes from the means of transport. The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works of the Cypriot government, contributing to the global direction for a green transition, in 2021 promoted and approved the General Policy Framework for the Promotion of the Use of Electric Vehicles. Its goal is that by 2030 25% of new vehicle registrations will be electric and by 2035 this percentage will increase to 100%. The ultimate global goal is zero greenhouse emissions by 2050.

But what do we mean when we refer to electrification, which is also the future of the automotive industry? In short, electric cars use electric motors and do not consume fuel. We are not talking about concepts such as average consumption and liters per kilometer, but about autonomy, power consumption and battery capacity. Essentially, the electric car needs a battery and charging to move, helping to reduce and therefore minimize emissions.

In Europe

Everything shows that people in Europe tend to choose an electric vehicle, with the data registering a significant upward trend. In more detail, according to Eurostat data, in 2022 the number of battery-only electric cars in EU countries will reached almost 3 million, an increase of 55% compared to 2021. An increase of 14% was recorded in 2023 in Europe, compared to the figures recorded in 2022 for electric cars.

According to with the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the market share of battery electric vehicles in the E.U. will increase by 43% for 2024, also due to the increase of new models in the electrification market.

It should be noted that the E.E. has decided to ban the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines from 2035 (petrol and diesel), effectively promoting the purchase of electric vehicles, aiming for a more sustainable future with zero emissions.

For in the first five months of 2024, namely from January to May, the number of registered electric and hybrid passenger cars was 923.

In Cyprus

A significant increase in the purchase and use of electric vehicles has been noted in recent years in Cyprus as well. According to data from the Road Transport Department of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, for the first five months of 2024, specifically from January to May, there were 923 registered electric and hybrid passenger cars. More specifically, 431 are the new registered electrics, 143 used registered electrics, 298 new registered hybrids and 51 used registered hybrids. Registered conventional cars until May 2024 amounted to 5,998, of which 3,303 are new and 2,695 used. In total, registered electric, hybrid and conventional passenger cars by May 2024 were 6,921.

Note that according to the Cyprus Statistical Service, the total number of registered vehicles increased by 22.1% in the period January – May 2024, reaching 21,881, compared to 17,927 during the same period in 2023, while private vehicles increased by 19 .0% reaching 17,176, compared to 14,434 in the corresponding period of 2023.


Analyzing the table with the number of registered electric vehicles per manufacturer (29 manufacturers in total), we can see that Hyundai, with 63 vehicles, is in first place. Following closely behind with 56 vehicles are Jeep and MG. In third place comes Mercedes, with 54 vehicles, followed by Audi with almost 11 fewer vehicles, and in fifth place is BMW with 39 vehicles. Citroën and Mazda have the fewest registered electric vehicles, according to the Department of Road Transport, with just one vehicle each.

Αυξorθηκαν οι εγ γρσηλεκτρικτοκινorτων /></p>
<p>It is interesting that Tesla, the much-discussed American car manufacturer that designs, produces and sells purely electric cars, without having any official representative in Cyprus, managed to have 29 registered electric vehicles, until May 2024, surpassing in number other manufacturers that have a representative office in Cyprus.</p>
<p>The global automotive industry, responding to the new needs and conditions required, with the imperative to create a more sustainable tomorrow, is clearly turning towards electrification. Now, companies make sure to build electric vehicles for every need and every occasion, all properly configured inside and out, so that every buyer is happy with both the performance and the looks.</p>
<p><strong >Motives</strong></p>
<p>The provision of incentives, including raising awareness and informing citizens about the need for a green transition, as well as subsidies, will significantly contribute to the choice to purchase electric vehicles. In addition, investment is needed in research and development for new battery technologies and to improve the range of vehicles for electrification. Furthermore, the cooperation of the government with the private sector, for the development of innovative electric vehicles and methods for sustainable alternative methods, such as the various charging points for electric cars, will greatly contribute to the achievement of the common goals of Cyprus and the E.U. . in general.</p>
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