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Electronic Communications market statistics with data up to and including December 2023

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ΣτατιστικΔε&lambda ;τλα για την αγορα Ηλεκτρονικoν Ε πικοινωνιων με στοιχεΙα που αφο 2023

The Office of the Commissioner for Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation has issued Electronic Communications Market Statistics with data up to and including December 2023 for:

1. Fixed telephony and fixed broadband access.

2. Mobile telephony and mobile broadband access.

The data shows that in 2023 there will be a decrease in total fixed telephony connections compared to 2022 by 27,464. Fiber optic connections continue to rise due to the transition of subscribers to fiber optic networks, which is now the main means of connection to fixed telephony with a rate of 65%.

The number of fixed broadband subscribers in 2023 showed a small increase compared to 2022 (7,676, or 2.2%), while in 2023 a significant increase (+15.8%) was observed in the percentage of subscriptions with speed rate ≥100Mbps compared to 2022, mainly due to the expansion of fiber networks of providers and free upgrades to products with higher speeds due to competition. In addition, the small percentage of subscribers with speeds above 1Gbps is shown to be twice as high as in 2022 (2.8%). The average data volume per landline in Q4 2023 was 0.99 TB, continuing its upward trend. The total data volume for 2023 shows an increase of 26.5% compared to 2022.

ΣτατιστικΔε&lambda ;τλα για την αγορα Ηλεκτρονικoν Ε πικοινωνιων με στοιχεΙα που αφο 2023

In mobile telephony according to the data of the 2nd half of 2023. The total number of mobile users showed an increase of 17,647 users compared to the 1st half of 2023. The number of contract subscriptions showed an increase of 1.8% compared to the 2nd half of 2022. Contracts with unlimited data, voice and sms are 53.77% of contract subscriptions. The ratio of the total number of mobile users in relation to the population of the Republic of Cyprus in 2023 shows an increase of 4.4% compared to 2022 and amounts to 156.1%

Finally, in the total data volumes of mobile and fixed broadband access, the total data volume in 2023 showed an increase of 371,028 TB compared to 2022, i.e. 32.8%. Further, the total volume of mobile and fixed broadband data, for the first time in 2023 the proportion of fixed broadband data is below 90%, at 87.38% in the 4th quarter. This decrease is mainly due to the increase in mobile contracts with unlimited data, a trend which is expected to continue in the future. Detailed press releases are available in pdf format at the links below:




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