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Eleni Foureira: Her son accidentally hit her in the eye – “It was swollen. I didn't react at all”

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    What happened?

    To Tasos Rizopoulos and to KosmoRadio, Eleni Foureira granted a full interview, proceeding with revelations about her personal life.

    The popular pop star talked about her success in singing, the difficulties she faced but also about the big changes that have come in her life, especially after the birth of her son, Hermes.

    Originally reported: “At the first hit, the anxiety starts, it's what we all want to make a big hit, but when the big hit happens, all the good things in life that you are at peace leave. It's the opposite, you're anxious to continue it and when you make a bigger hit, you forget everything and you're very stressed and many times you're not happy about anything. you do what you love, but carelessness leaves. I miss carelessness,not to have anxiety, how the video clip will come out, the idea, the project, this whole thing has a cost, it never stops”.

    Finally, Eleni Foureira referred to an unknown incident that happened with her son, wanting to explain how much her life has changed since her little prince came into the world.

    Specifically she mentioned:< strong> “A month ago I was accidentally hit in the eye, I was invited to the awarding of Konstantinos Argyrou's diamond disc and I didn't go. A day before, my son accidentally hit me in the eye and it was swollen. It was awesome that at that moment I didn't react at all. I say look at how you handle a situation as if nothinghappened and before him I might have run amok.”

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    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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