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Eleni Randou – Vassilis Papakonstantinou: Their daughter presented her painting exhibition

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Nicoletta Papakonstantinou, daughter of Eleni Randou and Vassilis Papakonstantinou, presented at the Art Gallery “thorn – kartalos”, her solo painting exhibition entitled “About Intimacy”.

At her side were her father and her mother.

She spoke on the camera of the show “Mega Kalimera” and stressed: “I am very excited and I am very much looking forward to everything that is to come. This is a section of works that I was inspired by during the quarantine. My parents encouraged me to do what I love. They supported me and they support me as much as they can “.

Vassilis Papakonstantinou could not speak out of emotion: “I am deeply moved, I can not even speak… it is awesome… our little bird… He grew up with us and became independent. He grew up in a tame environment, without fights… With Eleni Randou we have a harmonious life and we love each other “.

Eleni Randou was also excited.

“She knows everything that I feel she gives me advice. I think she has taken on the role of girlfriend since she was little. They give each other courage. She had locked the door of my workshop and I saw her works here in the exhibition. I cried. I sank so much, without the theater, that I thought I would not do this job. What Iason Triantaphyllides said about me and George Kimoulis is not true. “I never threw a chair at him,” said the actress.

Source: in.gr

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