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Emily Iolitis: Brags about Chrysanthos Tsouroulis who lit coals and grills steaks (Photo)

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    Εμιλυ ΓιολΙτη: Κ αμαρoνει τον Χρyσανθο Τσουροyλλ η που αναψε καρβουνα και ψorνει μπ&rho ιζoλες (Φoτο)

    The well-known journalist and presenter was in debt

    It is not the first time that we see Chrysanthos Tsouroulis taking on the role of baker, taking care of the food of his beloved and friends.

    The General Manager of DIAS Group on Friday night , January 12 he lit coals, put on his apron and gloves and grilled delicious steaks, with Emily Iolitis capturing him in action.

    The photo was posted on her personal account on Instagram the well-known lawyer, who bragged about him throughout the roasting.

    Eμιλυ ΓιολΙτη: Καμαρoνει τον Χρyσανθο Τσουροyλλη που Αναψε καρβουνα και ψorνει μπριζoλες (Φoτο)

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