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Emotional intelligence in the modern work environment

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Unlike intelligence quotient (iq), which is either you have it or you don't, emotional intelligence (eq) can be cultivated.

With the term emotional intelligencewe refer to the ability to recognize one's own and others' emotions, to motivate oneself, and to manage both emotions and relationships appropriately. Practically, it means knowing that emotions can influence behavior and knowing how to manage them, especially under pressure. They are distinguished between emotions that make us feel good and contribute to good mood and performance, and emotions that make us feel bad and can, if not managed properly, lower our energy and performance.

The benefitsfrom developing emotional intelligence is huge on many levels. There is a positive relationship between developed emotional intelligence and mental health. People with developed emotional intelligence manage negative emotions and stress better.

Understanding our own emotions as well as the emotions of others facilitates communication and connection with other people and, by extension, the development of healthy interpersonal relationships. By understanding the emotional state of others, the behaviors resulting from it and their needs we can create better and stronger relationships, whether on a personal or professional level. Also, we can prevent conflicts from arising but also manage them better if they do occur.

Especially when it comes to the workplace, emotional intelligence contributes to the development of a number of important skills such as communication, cooperation, decision-making, focus on the goal, persistence, flexibility, resilience, negotiations, customer service, etc. It is also considered a necessary characteristic for effective leadership, as a leader with increased emotional intelligence can understand the needs of his team better, manage interpersonal relationships, inspire, encourage high performance, ensure the commitment of his people and increase their satisfaction levels from the work.

Therefore, emotional intelligence is very important for achieving high performance in the workplace as well. Knowledge, excellent technical training and expertise are essential in the workplace. However, they are not enough by themselves to ensure high performance. Emotional intelligence is also essential and supports the development of other skills necessary in the workplace.


To leave the theory a little, and get into practical issues concerning the application of the concept of Emotional Intelligence in the business field, we will look at the five “emotional skills” that are the raw material of the concept of emotional intelligence.

These are:

1. Self-awareness: the knowledge one has about oneself, as a whole. External characteristics and physical traits and endurance, as well as mental status and mental state

2. Self-regulation: refers to the ability to manage our emotions, thoughts and actions and to adapt to changing circumstances. 3. The Behavioral motivation (motivation): the tendency to achieve goals, commitment, initiative, and optimism

4. Empathy: It is our ability to perceive the feelings of others, through the spectrum of our own emotions

5. Social skills: a set of skills that allow people to communicate. Connect and socialize with others


Identifying strengths and areas that need change,< /p>

Prioritizing areas for improvement,

Focusing on one area at a time,

Identifying factors that cause disruption,

Taking responsibility for actions,

Examining consequences of actions and behaviors,

Formulating and implementing more functional behaviors,


When we think we are better than others, we will not be able to see our own mistakes. Most likely we will take seriously some emotional situations that do not meet our expectations. It is much more practical to see the same thing from a different angle. Instead of judging someone, let's put ourselves in their shoes and try to think or feel them.

In this way, we are likely to understand other people's thoughts and feelings more. So we will learn something new about how to handle things. in similar situations.

When we are humble enough to recognize that we are no better than any other person.

From the May Insider issue

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