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Emphasis on the solution of two states from Tatar and Oktay

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Emphasis on the solution of two states from Tatar and Oktay

Ersin Tatar and Fuat Oktay stressed the two-state solution in Cyprus and referred to the relevant statements made earlier today by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, during a joint press conference after their meeting in the early afternoon in the occupied territories.

The Turkish Vice President, accompanied by a large delegation of Turkish Ministers and technocrats, had his first meeting with the Turkish leader, which he described as very constructive. Both stressed that Turkey and the pseudo-state act in harmony.

Speaking first, Mr. Tatar noted the support of the Turkish Republic, said that the technical teams of the two delegations will study specific projects and made special reference to the ring road of occupied Nicosia that was planned years ago but is still unfinished. The pseudo-state infrastructure must be modernized and such projects must be completed, he added.

“I want to express with satisfaction that we, together with the Turkish Republic, are in complete harmony and 100% unanimity,” said Mr. Tatar, referring to the Cyprus issue, noting that the latest information he has about the informal five-party meeting is that it will take place. the end of March. He continued with satisfaction, he continued, today he heard the Turkish President declare that the federation is now over and now the only solution is to move to a two-state solution based on sovereign equality that will live side by side. “The Turkish Republic is our motherland, it is a guarantor country of the Republic of Cyprus and at the same time the largest, the strongest and therefore the leading country in the region and as such what it will say in this matter is of paramount importance. “So, for what Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said this morning, I want to thank him both personally and on behalf of my nation, on behalf of the Turkish people,” he said.

The Turkish Cypriots, he continued, lived through many difficulties, became refugees, but in 1974, with the intervention of Turkey, which resulted from its guarantee rights – as he said – the Turkish Cypriots gained freedom and independence and today they have their “state” with all his blessings, the initiative for Varosi and the works that will be done for the prosperity and the improvement of the quality of life.

The statements of the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis in “southern Cyprus” – as Mr. Tatar said – “we were very sorry because he referred to Turkey as an occupying power” but for the Turkish Cypriots – he added – “I saw that he is unable to understand what we say”.

Ersin Tatar claimed that if mistakes were made in Cyprus, the establishment of EOKA, if genocides were committed against the Turkish Cypriots, with the coup of '74 and the fall of Makarios if the union with Greece was demanded, “the one who made them these were Greece, the one that really invaded the Republic of Cyprus was Greece “.

His goal, said Mr. Tatar, is to continue the existence of the Turkish Cypriot “people”, to achieve their security, to stand with their heads held high and will continue to do what is necessary with Turkey.

Fuat Oktay

First of all, “our national cause, the issue of Cyprus”, the initiative for Varosi and the latest developments on the Cyprus issue were discussed at the meeting, said Fuat Oktay, describing it as very constructive.

“We saw with satisfaction that regarding the steps we will take in the coming period we are in unity, unanimity and very clearly in solidarity.” He feels, he continued, and pride in it, because a pseudo-state and a motherland – as he said – “we are together, we are one. We were one yesterday together, we are like that today, we will be like that tomorrow: I want to send this message from here once again to the international community “.

He reiterated the position that no one should doubt that Turkey will continue to do its part, as a mother country and a guarantor country, to support the Turkish Cypriots in their fair and legitimate struggle, according to him.

As Turkey, he continued, “we are against the impasse, uncertainty and injustice in Cyprus and in favor of the will for a solution. “The Turkish side has always been in favor of a fair, permanent and viable solution in Cyprus.”

Pseudo-state and Turkey, said Mr. Oktay, act with good intentions in the Cyprus issue and referred to today's statements of the Turkish President, saying that the solution on the island must build on law and reality, then it can be sustainable. “We say that in the negotiations that have been going on since 1968 on the basis of the federation, we must open a new page, we are determined and clear in this. History is a witness. The federal model did not work. The reason for this is the Greek Cypriot side and Greece. Moreover, the Greek Cypriot side clearly never, ever wanted to share power and prosperity with the Turkish Cypriot side. He did not want, he does not want today, he will not want tomorrow either, we see the signs of that “.

The Turkish Vice President said that while the five-party meeting is expected to take place and the possibility of a Erdogan-Mitsotaki meeting is being discussed, the Greek Prime Minister coming to Cyprus and provoking with such statements, “exceeded the limits. Time will not show that it has exceeded the limits. Turkey, as always, first does what needs to be on the table (of the negotiations), says what it has to say and then supports what it has said to the end. If there is no solution on the table, he will not hesitate to do what is needed where the solution is. He did it in the past, he will do it in the future as well “.
European Union

He reiterated the position that in 2004 the Turkish Cypriots said yes to the Annan plan and the Greek Cypriots no, it appeared who did not want the solution, had a hidden agenda – as he said – and became members of the EU. For years, the EU speaks as if it is a representative of Greece and the Greek Cypriots “and while in” individual meetings it is very realistic, in front of the cameras what a pity it acts as a representative. That is the biggest obstacle to a solution. ” Mr. Mitsotakis and the Greek Cypriot side, said Mr. Oktay, “as if they were happy that the problems between southern Cyprus and the TRNC are turning into problems of the EU and Turkey.”

“Let them be happy. If they are happy bringing the solution, let them be, but they should know that they do not contribute to the solution in this way, on the contrary, they contribute to the impasse “. He also called on the 'tdbk' – as the pseudo-state called it – for the EU “to think and have a more neutral and fair approach”.

Regarding Varosi, the Turkish Vice President said that he sees that the Greek Cypriot side has not accepted that the coastal front has been opened without changing the existing status quo and in a way that is in line with international law and UN Security Council decisions, as he said. .

“Who won, who lost from it? No one was hurt. Who won; Ordinary citizens who go and see, walk and are happy and we are in a climate where children can see the future with hope. I am not just referring to citizens of the TRNC. And the Greek Cypriots will win. But what a pity the eyes that are blind have no chance to see and the ears that are deaf have no chance to hear “.

He called Varosi “the daughter of the eye of Cyprus” whose opening did not benefit only the Turkish Cypriots, as he said and added that the sincere efforts of the Turkish side to resolve the Cyprus issue in favor of all Cypriots have been undermined by its maximalist demands. k side, continuing, as argued.

“We say solution, diplomacy, rights and justice. They say assimilation, they talk about outdated things “. Obsolete things, said the Turkish Vice President, are the “embargoes” against the pseudo-state and the fact that the presence of the Turkish Cypriots from 1571 on the island in 2021 is still not taken into account. If there is an invasion, he continued, it concerns the rights of T / Cs, including those for natural resources.

He repeated the phrase of Tayyip Erdogan “we can do it alone” and added that “we are not scared by those who talk about dialogue and conversations but in the press are the lions. We know very well to be lions both on the table and in the field and if necessary we become “.

No one should wait in an environment of such uncertainty to leave the 'tdbk' alone, said Mr. Oktay, claiming that “it is time to face the realities” and that in Cyprus “there are two separate peoples, two separate communities, states, two different democracies “.

Negotiating on the basis of a federation, which is far from the spirit of time and society, will offer nothing but a waste of time to, in Cyprus there is no other way out but the two-state solution, said the Turkish Vice President.

Oktay spoke to the “president” of the “parliament” about projects and structural reforms

We are here with a broad delegation, we have a heavy agenda with the new “government” and it is a visit focused on projects that will be done, said the Turkish Vice President, Fuat Oktay, who visited after Ersin Tatar and the “speaker” of the “parliament”. , Oder Senaroglou.

According to reports from the occupied territories, Mr. Oktay said that tomorrow they will discuss construction and repair projects that will be done in the pseudo-state with the new “government” and that is why “you will see more often from now on our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure ».

Mr. Oktay spoke about “electronic transformation that, as is happening in Turkey, we want to have for the citizens in Cyprus. “Because we saw during the pandemic how much more comfortable the public and the private sector can work like this.”

Referring to the Turkish President's statements on the Cyprus issue, as well as the phrase “crazy Turks”, Mr. Oktay said that the unity of their parliaments – as mentioned in the Turkish National Assembly and the “parliament” in the occupied territories – but the will of the nation “will facilitate the crazy Turks. “Especially in the structural reforms we want to do.” (SS: The reference to crazy Turks is from Turkut Ozakman's book “These Crazy Turks” used by Tayyip Erdogan in his speech to the AKP parliamentary group on Wednesday morning).

Mr. Oktay referred to structural reforms that will have to go through the “parliament” and that is his expectation (SS: the “parliament” to approve them).

The will that the “parliament” will show and to speak louder and clearer on the Cyprus issue will strengthen the solidarity and unity of Turkey and the pseudo-state, he added.

The “president” of the “parliament”, Oder Senaroglou, wished the new economic cooperation protocol that will be signed tomorrow to help the pseudo-state stand on its own two feet.

He thanked for the support of Turkey and expressed the certainty that the meeting of the Turkish Vice President tomorrow with the Turkish financial platform will be constructive.

Erdogan: The federation no longer exists, we are only discussing a two-state solution

Source: politis.com.cy

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