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Employee complaints for non-observance of heat protection measures

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There were no incidents of heatstroke in outdoor workplaces, TEE reports

Καταγγελiες εργαζομeνωγ ια μη τorρηση των μΕτρων προστασΙα ς για καyσωνα

The inspection campaign of the Department of Labor Inspection (TEE) continues at an intensive pace on construction sites and premises of various economic activities where outdoor work is performed and the thermal stress of workers may be particularly high. In communication between the KYPE and the Department, it was reported that there were no accidents, dangerous incidents, problems in the production process and no impact on the health of the workers this summer.

In particular, no incident of heat stroke was recorded and no particular health problems occurred for the workers. However, there were, as mentioned, a small number of complaints from workers about employers not following the required measures.

The Department of Labor Inspection, with inspections and recommendations, carries out the necessary control to comply with the laws that must be observed in the “dangerous” temperatures we are experiencing in order to avoid the thermal stress of the workers that can cause serious damage to the health of the workers, which range from annoying skin rashes to death from heatstroke.

According to the Department, employers are required to organize working hours so that heavy work is carried out during the cooler hours of the day while it is necessary to organize frequent short breaks for rest in a shady, cool place or a suitably air-conditioned place or in a place where fans are used where this is possible and the configuration-selection of a shady place or the construction of suitable shelters for the execution of the work where this is possible.

It is also recommended that workers be provided with cool drinking water, that appropriate headgear be provided and used by workers, that workers wear light, loose clothing and that appropriate sunglasses are used. and avoiding eating large meals or sugary foods or ingesting alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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