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Encyclical Isaiah on the “Holy” scandal: Do not be carried away by the current, or the contracting of the enemies of the church

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    Εγκyκλιοσ ΗσαΙα and gamma; ;ασyρει το ρεyμα, or η εργολαβiα των &epsilon

    Metropolitan Isaiah returned with a circular to the faithful – Read in detail what he says – “The Church has always known and will know scandals” he says among other things

    With a related circular to the flock Metropolitan of Tamasos Isaiascalls on the faithful, among others, not to be carried away by the current of events, while noting that the scandal that was revealed is a test for everyone.

    • Metropolitan Tamasos' first statement after the revelations: “The goal for purification will be achieved”

    Similarly the encyclical:

    Dear children in the Lord,

    “Out of much sorrow and constancy of heart” (2 Cor. 24), I am addressing you all, thanks also to the Evening of Forgiveness, because of what has arisen, from allreversal of the tenants of the Holy Monastery of Saint Avvakum in Fterikoudi, and they are suffering the consciences of the Christeponymous Crew of our Metropolitan Region, and not only.

    Undoubtedly, no one rests from this scandal< /strong> and its consequences. Much more, the pious Clergy and people of our Church and those whom the Lord commanded to shepherd his people.

    And, from the bottom of my heart, I testify that, personally, I continue from “sorrow is heavy, without death”. And this, because, “shame which the Lord has seen”, it was my fate that these unpleasant things should happen in my diocese and that the impact of all these tragic events should hit and be felt on my person as well.

    However, the scandal, which has been revealed, constitutes a test, which is distributed to everyone and, above all, to the Pastors of our Church.

    From you, fatherly, I beg you,hold on and don't be carried away by the current of events or the work of the Church's enemies. “It is unacceptable that scandals do not come” (Lk. 151), the mouth of the founder of our Church, our Lord Jesus Christ, warned us.

    Yes, the Church has always known and will always know scandals, because it also consists of people with weaknesses, who are also subject to the wiles of the wicked demon.

    And elsewhere the Apostle Paul will warn us in this regard, that “grievous wolves” will enter the Church (Acts k'29) or will emerge, unfortunately, coming from the executives of the Church, “men speaking (or even doing) perversely ” (Acts k'30), in order to seduce the members of the Church.

    The Church, dear children of the Lord, through the centuries has experienced storms and storms, but it has never been overwhelmed, because it is at its helm its Oiakostrofos Founder, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    And today's bell, it is certain, that this too will pass and the power of the Holy Spirit, which constitutes the entire institution of the Church, will grant to all of us the prayer and the fairy tale.

    According to I, as the Bishop of our local Church, do and will do what my priestly conscience dictates, so that the purification and support of all those souls who are troubled prevail.

    Personally, I sincerely testify that, despite the severe trial caused by this scandal, I fervently send my nightly prayers to the Triune God, seeking mercy and forgiveness, both from the Lord and from you , for what unwittingly happens to me, for this reason and to all of you, in a fatherly address, I call you to seek the mercy and grace of God and to offer supplication and forgiveness “for those who have influenced you”.

    Wishing everyone a Good Stage and support from the Lord of forces, I am,

    After paternal wishes, the Metropolitan of Tamasos and Orenis Isaias.

    First position of the Metropolitan of Tamasos after the revelations: “The goal of cleansing will be achieved”

    By Sunday morning, the Metropolitan of Tamasos had made his first position after the revelation of the financial and moral scandal under investigation in the Holy Monastery of Saint Abvakum in Fterikoudi.

    The Metropolitan of Tamasos and Orini Isaias stated that “listening to everyone's need to speak and respond to slanders that are spread and questions that arise, however, he consciously chooses, as he notes, not to influence with his statements, the prescribed ecclesiastical and police procedures”.

    Among other things, the Metropolitan noted that “we have made statements , exposing what took place and answering every question of the investigators. We are sure that the truth and our irrevocable goal of purification and transparency within the Church, at whatever personal cost, will be achieved”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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