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Environment Department: Salamiou is at the center of an international program

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    The aim is for the village complex of the Diarizos and Xeropotamos Valleys to be prepared to join the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, according to the Environment Commissioner

    Day under the title “From Local to Global Protection: Incorporation of Community Complexes into UNESCO Biosphere Reserves” which concerns general information on the issues of Biosphere Reserves will be held on Saturday in Salami, organized by the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and in particular, the Education Unit for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

    The aim is for the village complex of the Diarizos and Xeropotamos Valleys to be prepared to join the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, according to The aim is for the village complex of the Diarizos and Xeropotamos Valleys to be prepared to join the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, according to the Environment Commissioner.

    In her statements at KYPE, Mrs. Theodosiou mentioned that a similar event was organized for the villages of Akamas in the past, in the context of which there was a general briefing on the various models of sustainable development that exist.

    Mrs. Theodosiou noted that she had been invited to Salamiou which is one of the villages of the Diarizos and Xeropotamos valleys to the Festival of Amygdalia and had been asked to do in their own villages what had been achieved in the villages of Akamas during the period she had been Manager of the Administrative Action Plan in the area.

    Asked what messages they want to send from this conference, she noted that their goal is the development of these villages, in the context of sustainability and sustainable development, where people stay in their villages, coexist and develop harmoniously, together with protection and management of the environment. He continued, so far worldwide there are 701 Biosphere Reserves in 124 countries, including 21 transboundary areas because these are a global model. He added that the Conference is open to the public and aims to inform the communities of Diarizos and Xeropotamos Valleys, as well as interested entities and individuals, about UNESCO's “Man and Biosphere (MAB)” program, in the context of which sustainable development is achieved of the areas included in it and the harmonious relationship of people with their natural environment, where research, education and local participation are combined.

    He also said that in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary for everyone together, i.e. communities, citizens, businesses, to join forces, to develop the common vision that has been agreed upon.

    A Biosphere Reserve area includes human settlements, which should operate on the basis of a sustainability model and develop together with the protection of nature. At the same time, similar actions should be developed, such as cultural and environmental protection actions and similar projects. Our goal, he said, is to attract people to the area, to do businesses that will be friendly to the environment, but also to attract nature-loving tourism.

    The Biosphere Reserves are a recognized international brand for an area which brand helps to a huge extent in attracting a permanent population as well as quality tourism, something that the villages of the Diarizos and Xeropotamos valleys need to revitalize themselves but in an environmentally sustainable way. Subsequently, said Mrs. Theodosiou, the regions that will join will have to report to UNESCO every five years what they have done in the intervening time and whether they have followed the program they have foreseen. He also said that every five years they must update it and develop it accordingly.

    Ms. Theodosiou stated that her Office will make a great effort so that the relevant actions can be implemented. > and projects. He added that the promotion of the submission file is not an easy task. Through the process of drawing up a program, planning and implementing relevant projects and actions – in order to prepare an area properly for the purpose of its potential inclusion in the above Man and Biosphere Program – all the parameters are determined to achieve the livelihood of the people and the preservation of natural and managed ecosystems, thereby promoting innovative approaches to economic development that are socially and culturally appropriate and environmentally sustainable. He noted that experts from Crete and the Peloponnese have been invited to the conference. The day will end with a guided tour of the Community of Salamiou and the Nature Study Path “Monastery of Panagia Salamiotissa”, by her as well as Argyris and Panagiotis Panagiotou who are from Salamiou, added Mrs. Theodosiou.

    < p>Invited speakers at the Conference from Greece are Dr. Michalis Skoullos, President of the Greek National Committee of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program who will refer to the preparation of the Parnonas nomination file for inclusion in the Program, and Theano Vrentzou-Skordalaki, President of the Local Management Committee of Asterousia who will refer to the inclusion of Asterousia in the this global network. Antonia Theodosiou, Commissioner of the Environment, will be the speaker at the conference, while the speakers will be Dr. Kostas Kadis, President of the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO, Elena Stylianopoulou, Cyprus Contact Point for the “Man and Biosphere” Program and Chief Environmental Officer, dr. Arabella Zachariou, Head of EPAA, and Filio Ioulianou and Marilena Papastavrou, Scientific Officers of the Office of the Commissioner of the Environment.

    It is noted that the conference will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2024, from 2:30 p.m. until 19:45, at the Environmental Education Center in Salamiou.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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