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Environment Dept.: Priority is rural development

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Επ. Περιβλο ντος: Προτεραιτητα η αναπτυξη &upsilon ;παπθρου

The steady development of the countryside, the strengthening of the primary and secondary sectors, the improvement of living standards, the investment in the quality of Cypriot agricultural products and the protection of the environment, are priorities in the governance program of President Christodoulides, stated Environment Commissioner Antonia Theodosiou, in her greeting at the 2nd Almond Festival, held at the Salamios Environmental Education Center.

Mrs. Theodosiou stated that the President of the Republic, during the announcement of the government program for the current year, also announced the gradual implementation of the “Green Community” institution, with the aim of 2024 communities and/or clusters of communities, with the contribution of the state , to become not only energy independent, but also to serve other environmental goals, seeking to accelerate Cyprus' adaptation to the European Green Agreement.

The above is considered by this during the period the Office of the Commissioner of the Environment in conjunction with the institution of Climate Neutral Communities, he said, adding that in this context the communities of Tellyria have already announced their desire to transform Tellyria into a green and climate neutral one.

Mrs. Theodosiou noted that she proposes to review the above institutions and jointly explore the possibilities of their promotion.

The Office of the Environment Commissioner can put the project under his auspices as well as to take a coordinating and supporting role in the implementation process of actions and practices, as will be jointly decided, he added.

In addition, he noted that the current Presidency has started the implementation of goals concerning the sustainable management of the pergola of the Presidential Palace, which is located in close proximity to the Pediaos river.

The project has started at the initiative of the First Lady Filippas Karseras Christodoulidis and the former Commissioner for the Environment and current Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Maria Panagiotou, added Mrs. Theodosiou.

In this context, it is planned to restore all the existing structures of the pergola and to supplement them with new ones, she said, adding that under her own guidance and supervision as Commissioner of the Environment, and in cooperation with the Department of Forestry, the pilot construction of a structure has already begun about 30 meters.

He also pointed out that this action will be included in a digital educational program for visitors to the pergola as well as to encourage other agencies, public and private, to implement the same practice.

He also noted that the protection and restoration of buildings, which farmers maintained with extra care in the past, are very important, among other things, for soil retention, combating desertification and enhancing biodiversity. Therefore, the drystone technique has been included in UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, he said. The two relevant actions carried out in Salamiou by organizations in collaboration with the local community in 2023 for dry stone construction were important, he concluded.

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