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Epic! Katerina Kainourgiou published the hot kisses of Barka – Tsagridis by putting a vomit emoji

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    Επικο! Η Κατερην ? ? ας emoji εμετοy

    There is no reaction to it!

    Round the internet make the snapshots of Danai Barkas and Filippos Tsagridis from their hot kisses on a night out, on the evening of Saturday, February 24.

    Katerina Kainourgiou seems to be bothered by new love of showbiz, as the well-known businessman was previously a couple with the presenter of Alpha.

    The presenter of the show “Super Katerina” unfollowed her ex-girlfriend, Danai Barka, while in a Story, which can be seen only by her close friends and not by everyone who follows her, she published a tweet with photo of Danae and Philip kissing, adding an emoji with “vomit” and laughing, under the photo in question, while another story shows a picture of vomit again!

    Although the stories were about her close friends, it seems that some “friend” of hers leaked the said snapshots, as a result of which they became viral within a few minutes!

    It is reminded that the Katerina Kainourgiou was the one who introduced Danai Barkas to her ex-partner, Filippos Tsagridis, however, as everything shows, she did not expect things to develop like this!

    Επικο! Η Κατερην ? ? ας emoji εμετού

    Επικο! Η ΚατερΙνα Καινοyργ&iota ;ου δημοσΙευσε τα καυτΑ φιλιΑ ΜπΑ&rho ;κα– Τσαγκρiδη βαζοντας emoji εμετοy

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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