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Epstein had sex tapes with Prince Andrew, Richard Branson and Clinton

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ΕΙχε sex tapes με τον π&rho ;λγκιπα Αντριου, τον Ρλτσαρντ Μπρ Ανσον και τον ΚλΙντον ο ΕπσταΙν

Jeffrey Epstein secretly recorded sex tapes with Prince Andrew, businessman Richard Branson and former US President Bill Clinton, according to the latest documents released on Monday.

Sarah Ransom, who is associated with the case, claimed in writing that the pedophile millionaire was secretly recording the three men, who had sex with an unnamed woman.

The passages in question, the Daily Mail reports, were flagged by a firm representing Epstein's lawyer, Alan Dershovitch, to show that Ransom “clearly lacks credibility”.

The messages were released by the defense of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's close friend and promoter. In a letter, Maxwell's legal team had argued that if Ransom's deposition was to be released, her emails should be released with all the revealing material that comes to light.

In a document made public on Monday, Ransom noted: “When my friend had sexual intercourse with Clinton, Prince Andrew and Richard Branson, Jeffrey in each case videotaped the contacts.”< /p>

She added that “Thank God, [my friend] was able to obtain some footage of the sex tapes, in which the faces of Clinton, Prince Andrew and Branson who had sex with her are clearly recognizable. Quite disappointing that Epstein was not in any of the footage – he was brilliant!”.

Ransom herself has even seen the footage in question: “After two After hours of trying to get my girlfriend to open up to me, I finally managed to get her to send me some of the videos she was holding, involving all three men mentioned above.

“I can personally confirm that I have seen, with my own eyes, the evidence of these sexual acts, which clearly identify Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Richard Branson having sex with my girlfriend.”< /p>

She further writes: “When my friend finally got up the courage to speak up and went to the police in 2008 to report what had happened, nothing was done and she was completely humiliated by the police station she went to to report what had happened to Epstein, Clinton, Branson and Prince Andrew.”

The New York Post adds that Ransom also explicitly mentions Donald Trump in the messages. “She confided in me about her casual 'friendship' with Donald. Mr. Trump definitely seemed to have a thing for her and told me how he kept saying how much he liked her nipples,” she writes, adding: “I also know that she regularly had sex with Trump at Jeffrey [Epstein's] New York mansion. York”.

Clinton, Trump and Branson deny knowledge of Epstein's activity. Prince Andrew, who also denies it, withdrew from public life after the uproar over his friendship with the multi-billionaire while paying millions of dollars to settle a civil sexual assault case with Virginia Giuffre, whom he claimed he never met.< /p>

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