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Equality requests a meeting with Kereunos on the issue of low wages

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The President of the Secretarial and Office Staff of the Equality guild, Lina Andreou, sent a letter to the Minister of Finance requesting a meeting regarding the regulation for the accelerated advancement of low-wage civil servants.

The letter released by the union states that this arrangement is a positive step to improve the working conditions of low-wage employees. However, there are some points that create strong injustices for certain categories of employees, says Ms. Andreou and lists provisions of the regulation that concern them.

In particular, it states that with the adjustment for service of employees upgraded from A1-A2-A5(ii) to A2-A5-A7(ii) in 2020 or 2022, all their previous years of service in A1-A2 will not be counted -A5(ii), adding that this arrangement creates an injustice for these employees, as their previous service in A1-A2-A5(ii) is an important professional experience and contribution.

He adds that the service of officials now serving in A1-A2-A5(ii), who are also the lowest paid, do not benefit at all from the new arrangement "which is unfair as these officials have more in need of financial assistance”.

It also states that fixed-term contract service is not taken into account for accelerated progression and that service in the same position will be considered considered for permanent employees or in the same duties for permanent employees is unfair to those who have changed positions of the same combined scales.

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