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EQUALITY support to the Cyprus Editors' Union for collective claims

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<p data-block-key=Its full and unreserved support for the fair and well-documented positions that, as it states, the Cyprus Editors' Union formulates in its recent Declaration of Principles on the collective demands of journalists are expressed by the pan-Cypriot trade union ISOTITA.

“We share the strong concern and reflection of the journalistic community about the serious deterioration of working terms and conditions in the sector, a result of the de facto abolition of collective agreements for twelve years” states EQUALITY in a statement.

He adds that “the degradation of the working rights of journalists/editors, with prominently the fixation of wages at pre-crisis levels, the absence of Provident Funds, the willful conversion of the full-time status to 'collaboration', undeclared and uninsured work, the extensive utilization of apprentices, the imposition of unpaid overtime work, have created a suffocating framework for exercising the journalistic function”.

EGITITA calls on the State, political parties and social partners to rise to the occasion, recognizing the pivotal importance of ensuring decent working conditions for journalists. Not only, as he suggests, for the sake of the workers themselves, but primarily for the public interest.

“A free, pluralistic and investigative press, staffed by well-trained professionals with job security, it is a pillar of modern democracy”, he says and notes that when the quality of journalism is threatened, the citizens' right to information is also threatened.

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