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Erdogan: Eliminate Cavusoglu, Akar, Soylu-The suitors for the ring

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Ερντογαν: Εκκ αθαρισε ΤσαβοΙσογλου, Ακαρ, Σολο y-Οι μνηστorρες για το δακτυλλδι

An in-depth read on Erdogan's appointments to "hot" positions were analyzed in Mesimeri and Kati by the Ottomanologist, Dimitris Stathakopoulos.

Initially he mentioned that the constant tactic of the Sultans, the first to be liquidated are siblings, close relatives, close associates, advisors and teachers. "They are purged because they know the vulnerabilities of each Sultan &ndash? Presidents and therefore they can harm him. So they are the first to be cleared».

He added that Erdogan first purged his teacher Fethullah Gulen, then Davutoglu, his right-hand man in the economy Ali Babacan, and now it's time for Cavusoglu, Akar and Soylu. "He replaced them with equally capable executives who are able to implement  Erdoğan's vision for the next day and above all to lead him to the apotheosis that is the afterlife.

He explained that Fidan, Simsek and Kalin are Kurdish by origin. "This indicates Ottomanity in the modern era. "The Ottomans used about 70 peoples in their service. They were considered Turks because they had become Muslims and Ottoman officials. This is how the specific ones were used because of their origin and the positions they held.

He noted that Fidan as the Minister of Foreign Affairs knows all the secrets about those who have done black business and black trade in Turkey. "As I read, he knows a lot about the Russians in Turkey, while he is also a connecting link with the Kurds and the Iranians. He is the favorite child of the secret services of the East and the West and he will be used as he should and the time will come when he will be purged.

Speaking of Kalin, he mentioned that he is Erdogan's pen. "And he knows many secrets and he has contacts with secret services and he knows how foreign funds and businessmen move in Turkey".

Mr. Stathakopoulos pointed out that all of them are willing to implement Erdogan's vision. "They expect to take the next day's ring, ensuring Erdogan "canonization" and his deification. “Simsek is the person who will be the first to sacrifice himself by making the West believe that Turkey is turning back to Western economic systems.” He added that Erdogan's policy is towards Eurasia.

Finally, he mentioned that it is Erdogan's last term. "Obviously he is sick and knows that the end will come. If the specific ones are not considered worthy, he will clear them out and appoint some others». 


Source: www.sigmalive.com

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