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Erdogan goes to the NATO Summit to denounce Athens

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Both the Aegean islands and Sweden and Finland joining NATO will be on the agenda of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan at the NATO Summit later this month, according to the pro-government Sabah newspaper under the headline “Erdo Απόan Landing “

In fact, according to the newspaper, Mr. Erdogan will go to the Summit with special documents and will claim that the escalation of tension in the Aegean is due to the overt & # 8211; according to him & # 8211; violation of international law by Greece and that arming the islands constitutes a violation of the Paris and Lausanne Agreements.

He will also argue that the Greek Deputy Defense Minister's visits to islands with a demilitarized regime are provocative.

At the same time, the Turkish President will raise the issue of Sweden and Finland, which, as Turkey claims, They support terrorism.

It is recalled that in the previous days there were some signs of compromise on the part of Ankara, without stopping the Turkish harassment in the airspace.

Hulusi Akar, after the meeting he had with his Greek counterpart on Thursday, made a statement that differs from the threats he unleashed against the Greek islands a few days earlier. “The importance of maintaining open channels of communication, focusing on a positive agenda, the contribution of communication to good neighborly relations, bilateral/regional co-operation, and the importance of maintaining dialogue to reduce tensions were emphasized.” >

The President of Turkey, however, had stated the following: “As far as Greece is concerned, I have expressed my objections, especially regarding the process. We said, we will not meet with them again, especially if an honest politician is not in front of me and that we have finished with the meetings of the Supreme Strategic Council and that we will not hold the meeting of the Supreme Strategic Council with Greece. We will not meet this year. There can be no clearer, more open answer than this. Let Greece see how it will cope on its own “.

Source: politis.com.cy

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