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Erdogan is useless in the pseudo-parliament – He was limited to the much-played delusion

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Erdogan is useless in the pseudo-parliament - He was limited to the much-played delusion

Simple, without “joyful” news and without surprises was the speech of Tayyip Erdogan in the pseudo-parliament, thus refuting the information that wanted him to announce a series of decisions that would overturn the status quo and create new ones in Famagusta but also in the Cypriot EEZ.

In his speech, Tayyip Erdogan placed special emphasis on the Cyprus issue, emphasizing that he fully supports the proposal submitted by Ersin Tatar in Geneva, while reiterating his well-known positions on new realities on the island, on the basis of which efforts should be focused. of the Cyprus problem.

As a first reading of what the Turkish President limited himself to saying by the pseudo-parliament, two things can happen. The first is for the Turkish President to reserve for his important announcements in his next public statements in the coming hours to the pseudo-state.

The second scenario wants the Turkish President to take seriously the pressure on him in recent days by both European officials and high-ranking US government officials. After all, in his speech he referred to both the EU. as well as in the US. For the European Union, Tayyip Erdogan stated that the EU does not keep her word regarding Cyprus, while for the USA, she stated that on the other side of the Atlantic, some people have been annoyed by Turkey's moves in the Cyprus issue. In fact, he called on the US to interpret the Cyprus issue from the point of view of realities and not from the point of view of the lobbies.

Among other things, the Turkish President pointed out that with today's session of the pseudo-parliament, “we declare once again to the whole world our eternal brotherhood with the Turkish Cypriots, which is drawn from the sacrifice and blood of our martyrs, between Turkey and the pseudo-state. , Whether they want to or not.

“The Cyprus case,” he said, “is a big deal for us. It is the culmination of a struggle written with the heroic epic of 1974 “. He added: “The act of a pseudo-state is, above all, a political issue for us.”

However, Tayyip Erdogan referred to the presence of Azeri MPs inside the pseudo-parliament, while referring to the good news, he limited himself to saying that they will follow. However, he referred to investments that will be made in the next period in the occupied areas, while he revealed that a new building will be built for the presidential palace in the occupied Agios Dometios, where the “people's garden” will be created.

The program of the Turkish President

After the session of the pseudo-parliament, Erdogan will meet with his residence in the pseudo-state Ersin Tatar at the so-called presidential palace, and then he will meet young people living in the pseudo-state. The big fiesta with the football match will take place at 7:30 pm at the Ataturk Stadium.

The charity football match will feature Turkish and Turkish Cypriot politicians, as well as Turkish superstars, as well as well-known TV producer Ajun. The team will be led by Turkish Foreign Minister Suleyman Soylu and will feature Turkish producer Ajun Ilizali and Tunjay Cianli, Hamit Altτοndop, Serdar Kulbilge, Hakan ρισnsp Χα, Fλίlarζs A old soccer player).

The other team will be led by “Prime Minister” Ersan Saner and will be played by Sabri Sarioglu, Emre Asik, Chris Forsberg, Cengiz Ouzun, M. Xapoglou, Mehmet Aurelio, Kadir Inan and Aijan Janac.

Meanwhile, in the occupied territories is the national basketball team of Kyrgyzstan, which will play a match against the “national team” of pseudo-state basketball. The team was welcomed by the “Deputy Prime Minister”, Erhan Arikli, speaking on historic days as after a long time the “national team” of the pseudo-state will play a match with the national team of another country and even in the occupied territories.

In the meantime, for the first time in the occupied territories are delegations from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The Turkish Cypriot press writes that in the enclosed area of Varosia “all public and private property will be opened for use” and Tayyip Erdogan will appeal to the Greek Cypriots “to return to their homes”.

After the football match, Erdogan will go to Kyrenia, where he will attend the solemn ceremony, which is a tradition in the pseudo-state and is essentially a representation of the decision in the Five Miles.

The second day of Erdogan's presence in the pseudo-state will begin with a prayer at the Hala Sultan Mosque at six in the morning and will continue with his presence at the events marking the black anniversary of the invasion. At noon, the Turkish President, from a hotel of the pseudo-state, will take part in a series of events in every corner of our occupied land. Among other things, Erdogan is expected to inaugurate the pseudo-state's northern ring road, the inauguration of a museum in Kyrenia, the opening of a mosque in Famagusta, and the laying of the foundation stone for the new palace he is building. for him in Agios Dometios.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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