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Erdogan the announcements and we the steps: Serious reactions of Turkish Cypriot parties to the visit of the Turkish President

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Erdogan the announcements and we the steps: Serious reactions of Turkish Cypriots to the visit of the Turkish President

A few hours before the arrival of the Turkish President in the occupied areas of Cyprus, the Turkish pro-government media publish the general plans of Ankara, which will be announced through the interventions of Tayyip Erdogan, both in the so-called Turkish Cypriot parliament and in the second region. once in eight months, will take place in the besieged city of Famagusta. Of course, the latest information reaching the Greek Cypriot journalists who will be in Varosi, states that the announcements from Varosi will not be made, but the “mass inauguration” will be done online from the Concorde hotel.

Erdogan's speech in the so-called Parliament was decided to boycott the PTK and KKD parties. The two former leaders of the Turkish Cypriot community, Mustafa Akinci and Mehmet Ali Talat, will not go to the “Turkish Cypriot parliament” to protest the persecution of Turkish Cypriot politicians and citizens who criticized Ankara. Nicosia Mayor Harmanji will also not be present. This is a very important and at the same time courageous move of the Turkish Cypriots, which has never been manifested again against a Turkish President.

At the same time, in the free zones, the government, rather embarrassed, is meeting to take appropriate decisions following Erdogan's announcements. Led by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, in the face of the coming developments, they urge the public, and especially the legal residents of Famagusta, to be patient to see what will be announced and we will act accordingly. As the President stated, “we are vigilant, monitoring and reacting according to what the Turkish President will announce during his presence in the occupied territories.” According to political observers, “this statement of the President for eight years alone highlights the impasses brought by his planning after the abandonment of the talks by him 4 years ago, something that he first admitted on Thursday on RIK on the show “Challenges” the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ioannis Kasoulidis “.

However, Mr. Anastasiadis avoids clarifying what his next steps may be in the face of Tayyip Erdogan's challenges, generally leaving thoughts of appealing to the Security Council and other arbitral tribunals, or even the European Union. “Certainly, steps are being taken and what I expect is for both the UN and the EU to react according to Turkey's behavior,” he said. An indirect but clear response to this statement of despair of the President was given by Ioannis Kasoulidis: “Turkey in the eyes of the international community is free from the burdens of intransigence in the Cyprus issue, from the day after Crans Montana”.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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