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Erdogan's “red phone” rings – Revelations about Ukraine's future

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who is claiming an upgraded role in the Ukrainian crisis, had new contacts with Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

It is noteworthy that after hosting Sergei Lavrov's meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister in Antalya, Erdogan suggested that Putin host him and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for talks “in Ankara or Constantinople.” The Turkish presidency said in a statement that Erdogan had told Putin that an agreement on the issue might require a meeting between the two leaders.

Erdogan also said that a lasting ceasefire could lead to a long-term solution. He also stressed the “need to open humanitarian corridors” to allow civilians to leave the war zones, according to a statement from the Turkish presidency.

Kalin revelations

< According to Ibrahim Kalin, Erdogan's senior presidential adviser, who was present at the meeting with Putin, the Russian president spoke positively about the possibility of meeting with Zelensky.

Kalin, who was one of the listeners to the Putin-Erdogan conversation, spoke to the BBC and described Putin's four demands.

, concerns the acceptance by Ukraine that it will be neutral and will not join NATO, something that was never a real possibility and the Ukrainian president has already realized that.

Some other demands have to do with Putin's attempt to appear “victorious” in terms of communication: to protect the Russian language in Ukraine and to have what Moscow calls “de-Naziization”, which, as noted by the BBC's John Simpson, is particularly It is offensive for Zelensky, who is a Jew and lost relatives in the Holocaust.

form of neo-Nazism and will commit itself to suppressing any existing organizations.

The problem is in Russia's demands, for which, as Putin told Erdogan, there should be a meeting with Zelensky.

Ibrahim Kalin did not give many details, but admitted that these demands concern the Donbas regime – that is, the areas that “became independent” shortly before the Russian army invaded Ukraine – and, of course, that of Crimea, which Moscow has annexed since 2014.

Although Kalin declined to comment, Putin is expected to urge Zelensky to accept secession from eastern Ukraine and de jure recognition of what is already happening on the Crimean peninsula. And there are issues of international legitimacy, as Russia has accepted by treaty that Crimea is Ukrainian territory.

Source: in.gr

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