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Erietta Kourkoulos shocks: She miscarried in the 3rd month of her pregnancy – “Everything was perfect until…”

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ΣυγκλονΙζει η ΕριΕττα ΚοΙρ&kappa ;ουλου: Απεβαλε στον 3ο μorνα της εγ κυμοσyνης της – «Όλα orταν ιδανικà &mu ;χρι…»

Her post is touching

In an emotional post on her social networks, Erietta Kourkoulos Latsis went on to reveal that she lost the child she was carrying in the third month of her pregnancy. p>

In January the well-known activist learned that she is pregnant for the second time and while everything was going smoothly in the first trimester at the beginning of March the baby's heart stopped.

In the post, she posted a snap of her husband and son showing us the ultrasound of the baby she was expecting, captioning it with a touching text.

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    I couldn't believe that we made it after the hardships we went through to get Nikos, become one of those couples I've always envied – the ones who catch kids in mid-air having great sex.

    At every blood test, every ultrasound, I've been waiting for the crap to happen (why don't we we this couple), but behold where the choreiac ascended to the heavens and the baby's heart was beating in the most beautiful rhythm…

    Everything was going perfectly. I didn't have any nausea, nor the nerves that caused me in the first trimester due to the thousands of hormones I took during my first pregnancy.

    Everything was perfect until Monday, March 4, when we went to the clinic for an ultrasound at 10 weeks. As if I had a premonition that morning that something was wrong because before the visit I felt intense anxiety.

    As soon as the screen turned on, we saw our baby – he now had a head, arms and legs. But our doctor looked at the midwife and said “Do you see what I see?” “Yes…” she answered. Our baby's heart had stopped and just as it shocked us with its entry into our lives, so it shocked us with its exit.

    < p>We experienced this too – miscarriage in the third month.

    Many emotions, but one thought: the next day is usually a little easier than the previous one. As Nikos says, “the baby is in heaven now.”
    If I have one message to give to any woman going through the same thing, it's to smile again. For me it happens much faster than I expected – I managed to feel really happy after only a week.

    But every person is different and to one must mourn this loss of life!

    A hug to all who have been through it and a plea – Don't let fear rob you of the joy and celebration of your next pregnancy! It is a magical time that we deserve to enjoy to the fullest. You are not alone, you are not the only one”. (Photo)

Σ&upsilon ;γκλονΙζει η ΕριΕττα Κοyρκουλου: Απεβαλε στον 3ο μorνα της εγκυμοσyν ης της – «Όλα orταν ιδανικà μèχρι…»

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