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Ersin Tatar: A similar game is being played in Cyprus with Ukraine

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A game similar to Ukraine is being played in Cyprus, claimed the Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, claiming that 300 million euros worth of offensive weapons have been given to the Republic of Cyprus and that the Greek Cypriots & # 8220; are trying to shed blood & # 8221 ;.

In an interview with the Turkish newspaper & # 8220; Turkice & # 8221 ;, Ersin Tatar said that “what happened in Ukraine showed the whole world how right we were. In the past, Greek Cypriots were armed for defensive reasons. At the moment, the general idea has changed and 300 million euros of offensive weapons have been given to southern Cyprus lately. “Greek Cypriots are trying to shed blood and drag Cyprus back into chaos before 1974.”

The Turkish Cypriot leader claimed that “the forces arming the south, on the other hand, raise the issue of Turkey's guarantees for discussion in the north.” He also argued that the primary goal is to create a Cyprus without Turkey and then to turn the whole region into an EU island with a Greek Cypriot identity. “The forces that want to swallow Cyprus want the airspace of Cyprus, but also the Mediterranean, which is of great importance due to its energy and strategic nature,” he said.

According to Ersin Tatar, “we did not reach this point in one day in Ukraine. Right now, while the cities in Ukraine are being destroyed, the people of Ukraine are leaving the country and their lives, there is neither the EU nor the US. All the events are happening in front of the eyes of the people and no one can tell us that they will not be repeated in Cyprus. Because a similar scenario applies here, and every way is tested in the name of instability. “If they manage to destroy Turkey's guarantees, new and much bigger chaos will be created in Cyprus.”

The Greek Cypriot side and its Western allies see Cyprus as a Greek island, he said. “Greek Cypriots have never been sovereign here, in any period of history. But our ancestors ruled here for 350 years. They have no power. We have become masters of this place. In the mountain of Cyprus (Pentadachtilos), there is a Turkish trace in its stone. They can not erase it. We will not allow such a thing. “Together with the motherland, we have the power to thwart all plans,” said Ersin Tatar.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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