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Ersin Tatar: The wealth of the eastern Mediterranean is common

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Ersin Tatar: The wealth of the eastern Mediterranean is common

The wealth of the eastern Mediterranean is common, said Turkish leader Ersin Tatar, adding that they are obliged to defend their rights to the end.

According to the GTP, in an interview with BBC Türk, the Turkish leader said that they would not allow the Greek Cypriot side to exploit the wealth of the eastern Mediterranean to its advantage. “If this wealth could be distributed in a fair way, both the TRNC and Turkey would have a great economic benefit,” he said, referring to the pseudo-state.

He reiterated the position that the transfer of the wealth of the Eastern Mediterranean to the European market through Turkey is the most correct and logical way, and that in Cyprus there are, in his expression, two separate “peoples” and this has now been established, and for it is not possible for them to live together or be reunited.

“We have a new policy, with which there could be an agreement only on the basis of the sovereign equality of two separate sovereign states in Cyprus. On the contrary, an agreement within the federation, which did not succeed despite years of efforts, stipulates that the majority will rule the minority and that the Turkish Republic will leave the island at some point, because it is not a member of the European Union. “All this is in the minutes of the talks,” he said.

Noting that the Cyprus issue is a common affair with Turkey and a matter of “honor”, Mr. Tatar expressed his satisfaction that the implementation of the new policy is in full harmony with Turkey as well as the strengthening of their relations.

Asked to comment on their relations with the United Kingdom in the post-Brexit period, Mr. Tatar said that Britain is a country that is well acquainted with the Cyprus issue and has sympathy for the Turkish Cypriot “people”, but its hands are tied on issues. such as direct flights and the customs union agreement, due to the British bases in Cyprus. As for trade, he said that he believes that Britain will provide some facilities to the Turkish Cypriots and that it is a country close to the Turkish Cypriot “people” despite the conditions.

Regarding the opening of part of the enclosed Varos area, Mr. Tatar said he would contribute to their economy, tourism and politics, adding that despite the pandemic, there were several visitors after the opening.

In a statement during a meeting with Turkish Vice Admiral Jihad Yaici during the meeting, Ersin Tatar said that in the context of their cooperation with the Turkish Republic, their struggle in geopolitical issues and the richness of hydrocarbons, they secure an important position in defense. of their national rights, interests and interests in the “blue homeland”.

He appealed to the Greek Cypriot side, saying “if you have the good will, come and meet at a conference, in which the countries of the whole region will be represented, to discuss in a civilized way the fair distribution”, adding that the Greek Cypriot side, acting as sole owner of the island, concluded agreements with large companies and with some countries.

The Turkish Cypriot leader also met yesterday with Professor Dr. Muhittin Simsek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ahmet Yesevi University in Kazakhstan, where he expressed the hope that the pseudo-state would secure a place in the organization of Turkish states.

Reiterating that there are two separate “peoples” in Cyprus and that it is not possible to unite them in one federal roof, Mr. Tatar recalled the statement of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the meeting with the Ambassadors of the European Union member states. that “there could be an agreement in Cyprus with two separate sovereign equal states, living side by side”. “We are part of the great Turkish nation and we are proud of that,” Tatar concluded.


Source: politis.com.cy

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