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Ersin Tatar to Guardian: I am the one who convinced Erdogan of a two-state solution

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Ersin Tatar to Guardian: I am the one who convinced Erdogan of a two-state solution

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar gave an interview to the Guardian newspaper on the eve of Erdogan's visit to the occupied territories.

In an interview published today, Mr. Tatar praised the Turkish President for his support and said: “People think that they have instructed me to follow this policy (about two states). This is not true. I am the one who convinced Erdogan that since all these opportunities for a federation have been exhausted, we should go for this two-state solution. She supported me and she is very happy about it. I have always said that the only way forward to a realistic solution is a two-state solution. “

He comments that there are obviously others, such as Mustafa Akinci's predecessor, who have a different view. “But he is not in power. “I am now in power and I am the president of the Turkish Cypriots everywhere, here, in Turkey, in England, in Canada and in Australia.”

He also comments that “our friends in the south are doing everything they can to prevent us from prospering, their policy is to suffocate us until we surrender.”

He continues in the same tone: “Greek Cypriots like it, the Turkish Cypriots are co-owners and co-founders of the Republic of Cyprus. The numbers are irrelevant, there have been times in the past when there were probably more Turks here than Greeks. A lot of water has flowed into the ditch, so why don't they wake up to the reality of the new Cyprus so that we can have peace? We are two states anyway. “

Commenting on the rejection of the two-state solution by the President of the Commission, Mr. Tatar said that if there is no solution, the relationship with Turkey will inevitably become even deeper. “I want to be in Europe and Turkey has not told me that there is no such policy. But if we do not recognize the realities on the island, we will not reach an agreement and the status quo will prevail. The Turkish Cypriots will still be under embargo and isolation, limited and without a recognized state. But we will adapt accordingly. “

In addition, in an extensive afternoon response from Nicosia, the Times notes that “the Cypriot peace is in crisis as Erdogan supports a two-state solution.”

According to the daily, “President Erdo .an tore up the peace process for Cyprus” with the support of the two states on the island.

The adviser to the Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, Osman Ertug, states in the same article that “with the other side proving reluctant to share power and wealth, independence is the only way for the Turkish Cypriots.”

Then the announcements are made during the visit of the Turkish President to the occupied territories and both applause and reactions from Turkish Cypriots are conveyed.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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