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Ersin Tatar to Lut: Solution of two states, based on sovereign equality, with equal international status

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Ersin Tatar to Lut: Solution of two states, based on sovereign equality, with equal international status

There is a need for approaches that will contribute to peace and stability in the region and not processes that collapsed due to insistence on the same basis for a solution to the Cyprus problem, said Ersin Tatar, who – as he said – explained to Jane Hall Lut that his vision for a two state solution , on the basis of sovereign equality, with equal international status, allows the achievement of this goal, with the principle of “win-win” status.

After the one-and-a-half-hour meeting with the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy, in the presence of his negotiating team under Ergül Olgun, the Turkish leader said that today they discussed in detail what will happen in the upcoming informal 5 + 1 meeting. procedural level. “What will happen on the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd day, the arrangements of the Secretary General, the meetings all together, the bilateral meetings, all the details. I would like to thank Ms. Lut for all her actions. “

In the informal five-party, he said, everyone will express their new ideas and views and it will be seen whether or not there is a common ground. He reiterated that they are in agreement with Turkey that if there is an agreement, it will now be based on sovereign equality, with two equal states working side by side.

The Turkish Cypriots were a partner in the Republic of Cyprus in 1960 and everyone knows what has happened since then, Mr. Tatar continued, saying that he reminded Ms. Lut again of the armed attacks against the Turkish Cypriots in 1963 that led the T / k to have various local organizations that reached the establishment of the pseudo-state and this is what the Turkish Cypriot leader considers to be the right of the Turkish Cypriots to govern themselves. It is the right to self-determination and sovereignty, he added.

That is why, he continued, the T / C “people”, as he said, will support, as always, his right to sovereignty, independence, freedom and self-government.

He reiterated the arguments for the “yes” of the Turkish Cypriots in the Annan plan, what happened in Crans Montana and there was no result. The Turkish Cypriot side is now looking for new ground, he said, arguing that Ms. Lutt has shown understanding in his arguments and positions.

He assured the T / C “people” – in his expression – that no one should worry, nor have any doubt that he will support his positions, sovereignty, rights and interests of the T / C in the best way. Explaining to the other side with arguments so that he can understand him, as he said.

He himself, he said, wants a solution to the Cyprus problem, but not any solution, saying that he is working intensively with his team and his advisers in view of the five-party.

With the informal pentagon, Mr. Tatar continued, Cyprus will be at the center of the world, and Cyprus may be a small island in this region but many countries attach importance to this small island. Because, he said, of the location strategy and the importance that important players attach to the stability of the wider region and its natural resources.

He thanked the Turkish President, who the day before yesterday stated that Turkey will do everything in its power to safeguard its own interests and rights, as well as those of the Turkish Cypriots, in this region.

Regarding the struggle of the Turkish Cypriots in this area since 1820, Mr. Tatar said, “we are at a very important stage in terms of history.” They are, he added, at a point where the status and value of the pseudo-state is increasing, as is the existence of sovereignty, freedom and independence of the Turkish Cypriots. That is why – he added, we are on the threshold of an important meeting.

Asked what the position of the UN is, if we want the EU to be in the meeting, Ersin Tatar said that Ms. Lut is an experienced diplomat and lawyer, she understands and has not imposed anything. “I have said it many times, with financial promises or other, various mistakes, no one can impose something on the Turkish Cypriot side. This is a national affair. There is a question of sovereignty here. There is a question of freedom. There is an issue of independence. There are a number of agreements we have made with Turkey. “There are developments in the eastern Mediterranean.”

The important thing for them, he said, is to be able to safeguard their national interests with an agreement and for the next generations to be able to live here in peace, stability and prosperity.

The Turkish Cypriots, he said, will not return to a pre-1980 regime, neither in matters of elections nor in matters of sovereignty. He referred again to Makarios' policy after the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, the coup d'etat but also the “great injustice” with the resolution 186 of March 1964.

“We will support our state, our sovereignty. “We will never allow the Greek Cypriots to control us in the north, to extend their jurisdiction to the north,” Mr. Tatar added.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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