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Ersin Tatar: We will not abandon the opening of Varos

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Ersin Tatar: We will not abandon the opening of Varos

We will not abandon the opening of Varosi and the two-state solution is stated by the Turkish leader, Ersin Tatar, stating that the Turkish Cypriots are waiting with love and enthusiasm for the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A written announcement by the Turkish Cypriot leader last night stated that while they are preparing to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the invasion, “we are closely watching the provocations with bad attacks made by the Greek Cypriot duo with a small portion of citizens.” The Greek Cypriot leadership, he adds, characterizes the visit of the Turkish President as illegal. Mr. Tatar expresses concern, describing as sad that some are boycotting the session of the “parliament” where the Turkish President will speak.

“The e / k leadership applauds them standing up, praises them and calls on them to fight together. We know that all this is directed by the same centers. Their real goal is to sever our stable ties with our motherland Turkey, to isolate our people and to impose the solution they want. “Our people know very well who the perpetrators are and will not allow these ugly attacks and provocations,” he said.

On the 47th anniversary of the invasion, Mr. Tatar continued, they will embrace Turkey even more tightly and will continue to walk resolutely on the path they have set with the strength they receive from it.

They see, he said, that those who have been annoyed by the ongoing initiative for the enclosed Varosi and the proposal for a two-state solution, are using every means and have begun to act. “It simply came to our notice then. “We will not abandon either the initiative for a closed Varosi or our proposal for a solution based on the existence of two equal, sovereign states,” he said.

Mr. Tatar spoke of President Anastasiadis' attempt to mislead the international community by hiding the realities in Cyprus and said that he should see history “and thus speak. The bloody Christmas attack (the murder in the bathtub) that was based on Akritas' plan was to make Cyprus a Greek protectorate. And the goal of the coup on July 15, 1974 by the Greek junta, was to make Cyprus a Greek protectorate. “While with the peace operation, Turkey prevented Cyprus from becoming a Greek protectorate and brought peace and happiness”, said Ersin Tatar.

With a lot of love and a lot of enthusiasm, the Turkish Cypriot “people” are waiting for the Turkish President, he concluded, saying that “a small minority that makes provocations with all kinds of bad attacks, will remain in its shame”.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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