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Ersin Tatar whining about the “embargoes”

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&Kappa ;λαψοyρισμα ΕρσΙν Ταταρ για τα «ε&mu ;παργκο»

Turkey, with its invasion of Cyprus in 1974, in addition to illegally occupying a significant part of the island, led the Turkish Cypriots to international isolation, with their only way out being the citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot leadership systematically hides the reality, namely that the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots is a consequence of the Turkish invasion and tries to pass on to its foreign interlocutors the claim of an “embargo”.

Ersin Tatar claimed that during his recent meeting with Maria Angela Holguin Quellar, he asked her to lift the so-called “embargo” against the Turkish Cypriots. In his statements (GTP source), Tatar claimed that “the embargoes” applied at this time are unacceptable and said that “Turkish Cypriot athletes always unfurl the Turkish Cypriot flag in the competitions they participate in abroad”.

< p>Tatar also mentioned the lifting of the “isolation” of the Turkish Cypriots in a meeting he had with a delegation of British MPs who visited the occupied territories.  As reported on the “Bayrak” website, the British MPs are in the pseudo-state “in the context of the “freedom and justice for Northern Cyprus” campaign. The delegation consists of: Heather Wheeler, Baroness Nosheena Mobarik, Giles Watling, Pauline Lathan, David Reed, Çetin Ramadan and Rikki Williams,

In their meeting, the Turkish Cypriot leader said that he had opened a new page in the Cyprus problem and argued that it is time for a realistic and sustainable agreement on the basis of two states. Britain, he added, although as a guarantor country is aware of the Cyprus issue and the events in Cyprus, it does not treat the Turkish Cypriot “people” equally and did not treat them fairly and equally.

Tatar also went back to the 1950s saying that former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan said in his statements to the British Parliament that the Turkish Cypriot “people” had the right to “self-determination”, Mr. Tatar continued by arguing that the T/k have rights deriving from international agreements and claiming that between 1963 and 1974, T/k were exposed to EOKA attacks. He also argued that the Turkish side does not have the legal and democratic right to represent the Turkish Cypriots and despite being the side that has rejected many agreements for half a century, the promises made to the Turkish side to lift the inhumane “embargo »  direct trade and direct flights have not been observed and are still not taking place.

He also mentioned that the EU is not neutral towards the Cypriots since the Greek Cypriots are its members and argued that Brussels has not kept the promises they made to the Turkish Cypriots. The “tdvk”, he said, meaning the pseudo-state, is a “state” with all its institutions and organizations, and he noted that they promote the policy of the two states with the full support of Turkey. Britain has two dominant bases on the island, he noted. He also said that after 61 years, it is time for an agreement “on the basis of two sovereign equal states”, according, he argued, to the realities in Cyprus, living side by side, from which both sides can benefit .

On the same wavelength and Oktai

According to Mr. Kipris (GTP source), the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish parliament during meetings he had in London discussed the resolution of the Cyprus issue and the lifting of the “embargo”, while they saw that “there were common points regarding the interruption of Israeli attacks and reducing the scale of the crisis in the region”.

Oktai evaluated his two-day visit to the press in London during which they held contacts in the British Parliament, while on the second day they met with representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Ertugruloglou: “Holgin does not know about Cyprus…”

Ms Halkin Sesi (GTP source) writes that the so-called “minister foreign affairs” of the occupying regime, Tahsin Ertugruloglu stated that no expectation is expected from the UN Secretary-General's envoy.

He also said that “it is not possible to have. He already does not know the Cyprus issue, I hope he will be able to determine what this issue is from the contacts he will make within 6 months”.

He also claimed that as long as the Greek Cypriot side is treated as a state by the UN, there can be no “common ground” and no positive results can emerge from the negotiation process.

Source: www.philenews.com

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