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Ersin Tatar's four counter-proposals to MOE Anastasiades: Hydrocarbons, water resources, electricity and green energy

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ΤΕσσερις αντ&iota ;προτΑσεις ΕρσΙν ΤατΑρ στα ΜΟΕ Αν&alpha ;στασιαδη: Υδρογονανθρακες, υδα&tau ;ινοι πόροι, ηλεκτρικor και πρασι&nu ;η ενεργεια

Turkish leader Ersin Tatar presented his proposals to President Anastasiades for the future cooperation of the two communities, during the meeting he had on Friday, in the occupied territories, with the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Miroslav Yedzia. He spoke of cooperation on four points, between “two states” in Cyprus and on the basis of “equality”, while he said that he will soon submit two more proposals on immigration and demining.

As the Turkish Cypriot channel “Gents” broadcasts on its website, as well as other media outlets, at the meeting, Mr. Tatar “noted that the first of the issues concerning the cooperation between the two states is related to the hydrocarbon deposits around the island”, as a second point, the Turkish side proposes the electrical interconnection of Cyprus with the EU through Turkey, while the “effective use of solar energy as the third area of ​​cooperation” is proposed. The fourth proposal of the Turkish side concerns the shared use of the island's water resources.

Regarding these proposals, the Turkish leader stated that “as a Turkish side, today I presented our proposals to the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades through the Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Miroslav Yetzia. Our proposals are also forwarded to the UN Secretary General”.

Referring to cooperation between “two states” in Cyprus in various fields, Mr. Tatar said that “the first proposal I have presented on behalf of Turkish Cypriot side concerns the hydrocarbon resources around the island”.

He noted that this is an issue that “causes tension both in our region and between the two sides due to the unilateral and maximalist attitude of the Greek Cypriot side. We, as the Turkish Cypriot side, have always chosen the path of diplomacy to resolve crises. With this understanding, I made a new proposal to the Greek Cypriot leadership as a confirmation of our will to cooperate on hydrocarbon resources, which belong to both sides”.

“As we will remember, in 2011, 2012 and finally on July 13, 2019, our proposals for cooperation on this matter were tabled. The general rule of these proposals still on the negotiating table is to establish a mechanism for joint decision-making on the natural resources around the island, which belong to both parties, including exploration, mining, of the use and trading of these resources, based on the principle of equality, with a commission to be established under the supervision of the UN with the participation of representatives of the competent authorities of the two parties,” he added.

Continuing on the issue of natural gas, the Turkish leader said that “today, we make another opening and say that after the establishment of the cooperation mechanism, the companies with which the two parties have already signed separate contracts can be approved and to be included in this mechanism at some stage of the process. This important opening also eliminates the concerns and excuses put forward by the Greek Cypriot side. In my letter, I explained in the clearest way that I, as the Turkish Cypriot side, am ready to turn this crisis which continues to negatively affect relations between the two sides and has become one of the causes of instability in our region into an opportunity, as well as that I am determined to implement our proposal as soon as possible”.

Regarding the electricity interconnection of Cyprus with the EU through Turkey, Mr. Tatar said that “the electricity systems of the two sides are currently interconnected and the parties can supply electricity to each other if need. Inclusion in the EU system has emerged as the most effective method to overcome the difficulties they face due to the increased energy needs of both sides. The system that can be in the interest of both sides and can be activated as soon as possible is the interconnection through Turkey. This cooperation will also create an important opportunity for the transition to green energy”.

As regards the cooperation of the two sides in the field of green energy, Mr. Tatar said that “through of the joint committee envisaged to be set up in this context, it is possible to work together with the aim of maximizing the benefit of solar energy”.

Mr. Tatar also referred to the prospect of cooperation for the management of the water resources (fresh, drinking water) of the island, adding that “I expressed our readiness to set up a committee that will be established based on the principle of equality, by the competent institutions of the two sides and to work for the rational use and development of fresh water resources on both sides of the island of Cyprus. I also proposed that the water delivered by the motherland Turkey to our country, in the context of the ‘project of the century’ could also be leveraged within this collaboration.”

The Turkish leader added that “the Turkish Cypriot side will soon present two more proposals for cooperation on irregular immigration and the demining of Cyprus” and that “with these proposals, the Turkish Cypriot side showed not only in words, but in practice that has the will to cooperate with its Greek Cypriot interlocutors, on the basis of equality”.

“I also expressed my readiness to promote this determination, while maintaining our sovereign rights, equality and equal international status us. I also asked the UN Secretary General to encourage Anastasiades to consider our proposals in good faith. Now the ball is in the Greek side. My call to Mr. Anastasiadis is the following: We are ready to take positive steps for the future of our island and our region, let's work together on these important issues.” Finally, Mr. Tatar reiterated his position on “sovereign equality”.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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