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Ertugruloglou: Unacceptable content and hate speech in books by Rizokarpasos

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Ερτουγρολογλ ου: Απαραδεκτο περιεχoμενο και &rho ;ητορικor μiσους σε βιβλiα του Ριζ οκαρπασου

Books with “unacceptable content” were found in the schools of Rizokarpasos, after a relevant inspection, said the so-called deputy, Tahsin Ertugruloglou, claiming that the “administration”, as he described the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus, is trying to send school books containing “racist comments and hate speech”, “in the schools of the ‘country’ us, in order to brainwash the young E/K children residing in the ‘country’ us and to instill hostility towards the T/k, as he always does”.

As reported in the occupied territories, in his statements to the T/k “news agency”, Mr. Ertugruloglou said that the said books, delivered to the “ministry of education” through the peacekeeping force, were examined by the “authorities” and there is an objection “to the teaching of books containing hate speech”.

The duty and responsibility of the pseudo-state, he said, is to take the necessary measures “to prevent people residing in the ‘country’ us to grow up with hatred and racism”.

During the inspection, he continued, it was found in the public schools of Rizokarpasos that “since 2015 textbooks have been taught that we do not allow to be taught in our country, because the content it is deemed unacceptable to them”.

He claimed that it is about“game played by the right side” through textbooks to poison the minds of young people living in the occupied territories, presenting as trapped the E/K who chose to live in the pseudo-state, and this “causes shame alone”.

He called it “inadequate” the role of the UN since, through the peacekeeping force, these books reach the secondary schools in Rizokarpasos, noting that not a single secondary school operates in the free areas of the Republic.

In the meantime, according to the GTP, the website “Bougioun Cyprus” reports that the books were checked by the “ministries of education and foreign affairs” and inspectors, who went to the school unannounced and reported that the “racist elements” previously noted had not been removed from the books. As the newspaper is informed, in the books there is a blood-stained map of the divided Cyprus and the “foot of Attila” above the ancient city of Salamis.

Speaking to the newspaper, the general secretary of the Turkish teachers' union KTÖS), Burak Mavis stated that book checks are routine, but the books sent from the free zones should have been studied at the “ministry” during the months of August-September.

Appealing to the Greek Cypriot teachers' union, Mavis said that “if in such cases they contact us, we can build a healthier communication”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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