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ETAP: More than 250 flights to Paphos weekly since June

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“Airline schedules are the best of the past 30 years”

ΕΤΑΠ: Πèραν των 250 πτorσεων π&rho

The flight schedules of various airlines, both at Paphos airport and in Larnaca, are the best of the last 30 years, said the Director of the Tourism Development and Promotion Company of the Paphos Region, Nasos Hatzigeorgiou.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Hatzigeorgiou noted that from June more than 250 incoming flights per week are expected at Paphos airport, while at the same time markets have expanded significantly and individual visitors are increasing year by year.

Paphos, due to its satisfactory digital presence in various markets and based on the capacity of airline seats, he noted, remains optimistic that it can touch and even surpass the performance of 2019. As a destination for the year 2023, we are, he said, “especially optimistic both for attracting travelers and for increasing incomes from tourism”.

Referring to the challenges and opportunities presented for 2023, Mr. Hatzigeorgiou noted that Paphos as a developed tourist destination has to face not only the geopolitical and global economic developments but also years, accumulated problems and weaknesses of thirty years.

< p>As such, he mentioned the almost one-dimensional development and standardization of the product, the aging of small mainly hotel and urban infrastructures, the limited degree of adoption of technological tools and digitization applications by public and private organizations. Also, the strain on the natural environment and the tendency to alter the cultural identity and the abandonment and withering of the countryside and consequently the deprivation of experiences and resources coming from the primary sector.

He also noted the high operating costs but also the high initial investment costs compared to competing destinations, the lack of staff, the seasonality, the impossibility of timely implementation of the necessary infrastructure projects, even the over-dependence on the English market and the dependence to a lesser extent on the Russian market when it was active.

In addition, he highlighted the limited number of tourist beds and similar tourist services in operation on a full-time basis and other problems of lesser importance.

Despite all of the above, there are, said Mr. Hatzigeorgiou, opportunities that Paphos can take advantage of in order to increase its market share, such as the increase in trips by individual travelers, the tourism dynamics from countries such as Poland, Israel, Germany etc. the excellent air connection, especially during the period of April-October, and the good image that Paphos has created in recent years in the world tourist arena.

He continued, there are possibilities provided through technological tools, development of various specialized products such as rural tourism, cycling, walking tourism, etc. still give a further dynamic to penetrate other segments of the market.

In conclusion , said the Director of ETAP Paphos, as a destination if we intensively intervene and implement actions mainly related to digitization, accessibility and sustainable development then we will be able to shield the industry and ensure the future of tourism for the entire province.

What is needed from everyone is to turn words into actions with a willingness to confront established and any regressive mindsets, he added.

When asked what message he would like to send to the permanent residents of Cyprus as vacationers, Mr. Hatzigeorgiou replied that Paphos is again this year in the first preferences of the residents of Cyprus for holidays within the island.

Just like last year, Paphos District, he said, invites “the residents of Cyprus to visit cosmopolitan Paphos, the beautiful countryside, Akamas and the villages of Laonas, the beautiful coastline from Pegeia, Neo Xorio, Latsi, Argaka, to Pomos to live in Paphos enchanting moments, to explore the incomparable beauty of nature, to swim in the crystal clear seas and to enjoy every welcoming corner of the Paphos district”.

In addition, he added, most tourist units in the Pafos district have been upgraded and offer attractive prices this year.

Restaurateurs and other tourism professionals are ready to welcome visitors and provide them with high-level services and hospitality, he concluded.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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