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ETEK imposes a disciplinary caress

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ETEK imposes a disciplinary caress

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Penalties are imposed in some cases by the disciplinary body of ETEK, something that concerns members of the new Governor and the new president of the Chamber, Konstantinos Konstantis, who is in favor of making the decisions public, so that everyone feels controlled for them.

Indicatively, it is mentioned that the members involved in ETEK in the construction of the hotel in the city of Chrysochous, in which abortion violations took place, were fined up to € 100- € 300.

In an interview, when we asked the president of ETEK whether the people involved in the hotel case were deprived of their license, he stated that “the penalties imposed by the Disciplinary Board were not as expected and were limited to fines between € 100- € 300 or even reprimanded “. When we indicated that he is the head of the Disciplinary Committee, he mentioned that the sentences were imposed before he was elected president of the Chamber.

The only ones who were temporarily expelled from ETEK for three years in recent years were the former mayor of Paphos Savvas Vergas and the former municipal engineer Eftychios Malikkidis for their involvement in the bribery of the Paphos Sewerage Council.

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The possible examination of disciplinary offenses by the former Speaker of the Parliament, Dimitris Syllouris, who is a civil engineer, is also pending, if of course a criminal case arises against him.

Especially regarding the last case, the president of ETEK, when asked about it, stated that for the Chamber the issue arose after press releases, as well as the relevant posts of the Al Jazeera channel on YouTube, in relation to the possible involvement of the former president of the Parliament Dimitris Syllouris in the scandal of the golden passports. As he said, the issue is being examined by the Disciplinary Council of ETEK. Mr. Konstantis pointed out that according to the provisions of the Ethics of the Members of ETEK Regulations [KDP 255/2012] (Regulation 14), “… If criminal proceedings are instituted against a member, no disciplinary proceedings may be instituted or continued against him , for reasons related to the criminal prosecution, until the latter is finally closed … ». Therefore, he added, there is no way to parallel disciplinary misconduct when criminal proceedings are ongoing. The disciplinary case has been assigned for handling to a step of the Disciplinary Council of ETEK, which has been contacted to the General Prosecutor's Office for information on the matter. At the same time, pending the response of the General Prosecutor's Office and any developments it launches, steps are being taken so that, at least as far as the Disciplinary Council is concerned, the case can be investigated.

Regarding the disciplinary prosecutions of Savvas Vergas and Eftychios Malikkidis, the president of ETEK stated that they were examined following their criminal conviction. Answering a relevant question, he stated that the two were sentenced to deletion from the Register of Members (for some time) while the disciplinary procedure is underway for another 3-4 cases of members of the Chamber, for their involvement in this case.

The issue of delays in the examination of complaints was raised

Commenting that one could argue that the delay in the process is an indirect cover-up and that, instead of discouraging those who intend to commit illegal acts, he is actually encouraging them, Mr. Konstantis said that after his election to the presidency of ETEK, and because The current president of the Chamber, who chairs the Disciplinary Board, raised the issue of the delay observed in the examination of complaints for disciplinary offenses but also for the penalties imposed.

Especially regarding the time required for the disciplinary procedure, ie the examination of the complaints and then the adjudication of the cases, he stated that it is a fact that there have been delays, which are largely due to the process itself which the Disciplinary Board must follow. ETEK has acknowledged this fact and studied ways to speed up the disciplinary process, by modifying the regulatory framework, he said, adding that at this stage the Chamber has prepared amending regulations which have been forwarded to the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works for further.

One measure promoted by the Chamber is the publication of the decisions so that we are also checked for the attitude we follow, said Mr. Konstantis. This, of course, within the framework allowed by the current legislation and complying with the provisions for the protection of personal data, of the decisions of the Disciplinary Board, he added. Finally, answering another question, he stated that indeed at this time among the pending disciplinary cases is the demolition of the archdiocese.

Source: www.philenews.com

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