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ETEK: Super profits for a few of the photovoltaic designs

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ETEK: Super profits for a few of the photovoltaic plans

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Through the failures of the plans of 2018 and 2019 for photovoltaic parks, distortions were created that lead to over-profits of specific entrepreneurs at the expense of the consumer, which is why immediate corrective actions are required, ETEK states in its announcement.

According to ETEK, the plan for photovoltaic parks announced in 2018, with a capacity of 120MW, did not follow the logic of the tender, in view of the fact that the competitive market would operate in a very short time. According to the plan: “the applicants will contract with the EAC for the purchase of the produced electricity at the respective purchase price of RES, as it is determined by CERA”. A similar practice was followed with the Plan for Photovoltaic Parks of 2019.

The result, it is stated, “is the current purchase cost of the kilowatt hour (kWh) of projects included in the 2018 plan to be € 0.18, while the auction held in 2013 gave prices of € 0.08- € 0.09 per kWh”.

According to the plan, the announcement continues, this guaranteed sale price would cease to exist 12 months after the date when the competitive market will take effect, when the project will be obliged to join it. On the contrary, it is noted, “the fifth year of the 2018 plan is already underway and the competitive market has not yet been put into operation, with the result that the purchase price per kilowatt hour is at much higher levels compared to tenders held in countries with similar solar potential and gave prices lower than € 0.06 per kWh “.

ETEK concludes that the distortions in the 2018 plan and the untimely taking of corrective measures, instead of benefiting the consumer, led to an additional reasonable, guaranteed profit in excess of € 7.5 million per year to the park owners.

Take corrective action

“Therefore, it is considered necessary to take corrective measures by CERA and the competent Ministry”, concludes ETEK and suggests that these should be the “redefinition of the cost of purchasing RES from photovoltaic parks of the Plan 2018 and the fastest possible announcement Plan with elements of a tender “.

It also sounds the alarm bell, as it notes that maintaining the high guaranteed RES purchase price for the 2018 Plan projects “gives them an advantage and is very likely to distort competition, as they will enter the competitive market, when and if this will be realized, with a relatively long remaining lifespan and with their capital investment almost amortized, through the current high returns on their investment “.

That is why ETEK expresses its serious reservations, whether the competitive electricity market in the way it is structured, will lead to a reduction in the price of electricity per kilowatt hour for the average household or small and medium business. The solution, he proposes, are energy upgrades, energy saving measures, measures to improve the energy efficiency of production processes and the utilization of small RES systems, e.g. photovoltaic systems on roofs for own use (net metering / billing).

Source: www.philenews.com

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