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ETEK thanks the Minister of Finance for the productive cooperation

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ΕΕΕ ;Κ ευχαριστεi τον Υπουργo Οικο&nu ;ομικoν για την παραγωγικor συνε ργασα

A delegation of ETEK met today with the Minister of Finance Mr. Konstantinos Petridis, whom he thanked for the long-term and productive cooperation that goes back ten years, when he assumed the duties of Deputy Minister alongside the President.

Mr. Petridis was always willing to listen and discuss the opinions/recommendations/proposals of ETEK and in close and friendly cooperation with the Chamber, issues of great importance were promoted in the last decade, with the aim of the economic and social well-being of the place, such as among others :

  • Adoption of a reduced VAT rate for energy renovation works of houses.
  • Crystallization of the necessity to modernize the licensing process and technical specifications of hotel units and other tourist accommodation, which was finally implemented in 2019.
  • Preparation of Policy text for the New Development Licensing and Control Policy, which was the trigger and the basis for the implementation of the existing policy of rapid licensing of housing and other small developments.
  • Preparation of an Incentive Plan for the Revival of Nicosia Within the Walls.

He also started the effort, from his position as Minister of Finance, after the infringement procedure initiated by the Commission, such as the measure for a reduced VAT rate for first homes to also concern the middle class.

The cooperation was close. of the Chamber with Mr. Petridis and in the issues of the Reform of Local Self-Government, while his role was decisive in what concerns the reform of the Public Administration, in particular in matters of evaluation and promotions of the Public Service, but also in the management of finances effects of the pandemic.

The President of ETEK, Mr. Konstantinos Constantis, said: “A champion of reforms, modernization and the digital transition, Mr. Petridis fought difficult battles, often facing resistance to change. ETEK, as the technical advisor of the state, stood by the Minister where modernization efforts were attempted in the matters of his own competence”.

ETEK wishes Mr. Petridis health and every success in his next steps, professionally and personally.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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