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ETYK: Decides on strike measures at Hellenic Bank

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Dynamic strike measures are expected to be decided on May 18 by the trade union organization of ETYK bank employees, based on a Circular sent to the members of the trade union organization. According to the Circular, the members of ETYK are expected to be called to authorize the Board of Directors of the Organization to take strike measures. The following is the full announcement of ETYK:

The well-known political circles that have long targeted the bank employees, found a new way to realize their aspirations, through the CEO of Hellenic Bank, Mr. Gatzke, who willingly took on this role from a very early age:

  • He torpedoed the agreement for the renewal of the Collective Agreement in which the Honorary President of our Organization, my colleague Loizos Chatzikostis, had reached with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Bank Mr. Euripides Polykarpou in 2021, after many months of hard work. > Contempts and does not comply with decisions of the Ministry of Labor:
  1. Decision dated 17/3/2022: The Bank must restore from 1/1/2019 the reductions made in 2014 to the salaries of the colleagues of the former Cooperative Cyprus Bank (SKT). ​​
  1. Decision dated 9/3/2022: Based on the existing agreements, the Bank must grant travel expenses to colleagues who travel by order of the Management.
  1. Decision dated 1/3/2022: The Bank violates the provisions of the collective agreements of the former SKT colleagues (such as, holiday transfer, liability allowance).
  1. Date decision 9/3/2022: The Bank refuses to pay the contribution to TETYK, provided for in the existing agreements.
  1. Decision dated 10/6/2021 for the inclusion of the colleagues of the former SKT in the scales of ETYK, which had to be completed by 18/6/2021.

The disparaging attitude of the Bank towards the Ministry Labor, constitutes a violation of the Code of Industrial Relations and the Labor Institutions of the place.

  • Violates the law for the protection of wages (restoration from 1/1/2019 of the reductions made in 2014 in salaries of former SKT colleagues), despite the decision of the Ministry of Labor dated 17/3/2022.

The Ministry of Labor, from 17/3/2022, has warned the Hellenic Bank in writing that if it does not comply within 7 working days of receiving the letter, it will file criminal charges against of the members of the Board Needless to say, the Bank has not complied, but neither has the Ministry of Labor registered the lawsuits (why?) . We expect that the Ministry of Labor as the custodian of the labor institutions of the place will immediately implement its obligations without allowing “other circles” to interfere in its work.

  • Violates the provisions of existing agreements for permanent after 12 months or at most 18 months of service.
  • Violates the law to convert the employment of colleagues who have completed more than 30 months of service, also constitutes a criminal offense.

Today, the Management of the Hellenic Bank, under the guidance of well-known political circles that have always targeted the banking clerk, is now openly seeking to abolish the tenure of bank employees.

Following the threats, which it expresses from the first the day he “set foot” in the Bank, Mr. Gatzke, has also sent in writing his intention to dismiss , more than 50% of the Bank's colleagues and in fact without a Voluntary Withdrawal Plan.

This challenge on the part of the Bank, becomes in a very critical period for the stability of the banking system of the place and with significant problems in the economy and our society in general, but this does not concern the foreign Management of the Bank, but unfortunately neither the political circles that guide it.

Mr. Gatzke's indifference to the impact of his actions both on society and on the Bank itself does not surprise us, as his stay in Cyprus is likely to be temporary. ALL of us, however, will be here the next day and must be prepared to live with the wreckage of the predator politicians.

How can they not realize , these political cycles, the destabilization of our banking system caused by the actions of the Hellenic Bank, since the reaction of all colleagues in all Banks, is DATA?

How is it possible that they do not realize the magnitude of the social problem that the Bank will intend to send a significant number of employees to unemployment without a Voluntary Retirement Plan, in contrast to what is happening in the other Banks?

It is clear that, due to the fact that the attempt of the well-known political circles to make dismissals in KEDIPES (owned by the government), found a strong reaction from our Organization and realized that they would have significant political costs, they now turned to the Hellenic Bank. p>

Everyone knows our POSITION OF PRINCIPLE.

We can not accept surpluses under any circumstances.

< p> If the Bank wishes to reduce the number of its staff, this can only be done through a satisfactory Voluntary Withdrawal Plan, similar to those offered by other Banks in our area.

Colleagues, colleagues,

Everyone can understand that these provocative actions of the Management of Hellenic Bank and its leaders, put in immediate danger ALL, EXCLUSIVELY THE COLLEAGUES.

If we let the Management of Hellenic Bank violate agreements and laws the decisions of the Ministry of Labor, then its behavior will be imitated by the other Banks.

If our tenure is abolished, everything is automatically abolished.

Our Organization is determined, if necessary, to react with all the means at its disposal.

Our strength is the UNITY and SOLIDARITY of ALL our members, and with it we will deal effectively , once again, the provocative attitude of the employers and the political circles that guide it.

Our Organization, faithful to its principles and positions, invites ALL THE MEMBERS u> us at all Banks, on Wednesday, 5/18/2022 at 15:30 at District General Assemblies to be informed about the latest developments and through a secret ballot of our members, colleagues will be called to authorize the Board of our Organization to take strike measures, (violation of Contracts and laws by the Management of Hellenic Bank) if and when deemed necessary.

Below are the details in relation to the General Meetings:

NICOSIA Headquarters ETYK, Prevezis 8, 1st floor

LIMESOS ETYK Offices Limassol, Famagusta 17 (opposite ERA APOLLON)

LARNACA ETYK Larnaca Offices, Gonia Kilkis and Kostis Palamas

PAFOS Paphos ETYK Offices, Lieutenant Nikola Papageorgiou 6 (behind CYTA building)

FAMAGUSTA Room Municipality of Paralimni

Source: politis.com.cy

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