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ETYK/Hellenic Bank: Almost unanimously (99.5%) the Board of Directors was authorized to take strike measures

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With an unprecedented attendance, on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 18, the District General Assemblies of the members of ETYK were held in all the Banks, after 5,745 members came and voted. Of these, 5714 voted YES to the authorization of the Board of Directors of ETYK to take strike measures, if deemed necessary, at the Hellenic Bank. 28 voted NO and 3 voted invalid.

As stated in a statement by ETYK, “This event, demonstrates in the strongest way the high sense of responsibility, solidarity, unity and determination of all our members to fight in any way, gathered around by the leadership of our Organization, for the protection of jobs and their rights “.

The common position was that the Management of the Hellenic Bank must respect the labor institutions of the place, to comply with the decisions of the Ministry of Labor and with the provisions of the existing collective agreements. It is also stressed that, “the strike measures were never an end in themselves for the Organization, but the Management of the Hellenic Bank pushes us to them with its actions.”

It is hoped that “even now, the Management of Hellenic Bank will change its position and avoid harmful confrontations. Otherwise, the Organization will have no choice but to implement the mandate of the General Assemblies, to take all necessary measures to protect jobs and the rights of members. “

At the beginning of the General Assemblies, all the chairpersons referred to Ms. Zeta Aimilianidou with the wishes for a speedy recovery and a speedy return to her duties and her family.

Source: politis.com.cy

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