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ETYK: Readiness for strike measures in KEDIPES due to surpluses

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ETYK: Readiness for strike measures in KEDIPES due to surpluses


The meeting of ETYK with the Management of KEDIPES took place yesterday, which concerned the surpluses but also the failure of the voluntary exit plan.

During the meeting, the results of the last Voluntary Withdrawal Plan were reported, with the Company's Management declaring that it was not satisfied with the results, it notes in the announcement.

It was emphasized that “our Organization reminded the Management of the Company, our warnings in relation to the content of the Plan, demonstrating the fact that the responsibility for the” failure “lies with the Management itself and those who ran to assure the Management that it will their plan, since it is satisfactory (for them). Of course, the interested colleagues gave their own answer and now the Management of KEDIPES, which was appointed and represents the Government, declares that it is at a dead end and is looking for solutions…! “

Clearly, our Organization continues in advance in the announcement that it stated to the Management of KEDIPES that it is NOT going to tolerate surpluses in our area. Also, at the meeting, our Organization presented its position of principle, that is, we do not accept the surpluses, while informing the Management of the Company about the decisions of yesterday's General Meetings, where MASK the colleagues, authorized 100% of our Organization, if necessary to proceed with strike measures.

Finally, they emphasize that if necessary, the leadership of ETYK will use the above authorization. It was also pointed out, on the part of our Organization, the fact that the Government itself, as the owner of the Company, cannot threaten to send employees to unemployment. What is the message that such an action sends to society? We must not forget the squandering of billions in the field of Cooperation and the role of the Minister of Finance (then), while ETYK warned about the unacceptable. Now they appear financially tight to spend a few thousand euros to achieve staff reductions and want to send people into unemployment. The Company stated that it continues to evaluate the current data and that it will return to continue the discussion at a next meeting between us. Our Organization will continue to handle the issue seriously, consistently and decisively and will keep you informed of developments.

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